Lifevest Publishing Bankrupt


I’ve received so many emails from pissed off writers that want to know where their bo0ks or money went–that I thought I should tell everyone that reads this article:  I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF LIFEVEST PUBLISHING-NEVER WAS, NEVER WILL BE!   I HAVE NO OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT LIFEVEST, OTHER THAN WHAT I POSTED ON THIS BLOG.  CALL MIKE DAHERN  THE FORMER LIFEVEST CEO FOR MORE INFORMATION 720-284-7581. TELL THAT POMPOUS ASS THAT FRANKE SCHEIN SENT YA–!



Over the last few months I have been made aware that unknown person are using the former Lifevest Publishing Name and Business information to perpetuate what appears to be an outright scam against former lifevest authors. They are using the business address and telephone numbers, as well as the old Lifevest website, and sending out marketing e-mails trying to generate and solicit response from lifevest authors.

However–all of the emaisl are bounced back, or are not answered by any of these people. Their email address is sent from . This particular email forwarding service has been contacted, and they are aware of the situation and monitoring it.

Ifyou have received any communications from people purporting to represent Lifevest Publishing, please send a copy to me at

Livevest Publishing
Name: Lifevest Publishing
Phone: (303) 221-1007 – Disconnected
Fax: (720) 489-7205
Address: 4901 E. Dry Creek Rd., #170
Centennial, CO 80122
Original Business Start Date: June 2002
Principal: Ms. Brenda Simmons, Owner
Customer Contact: Mr. Jim Royals
Type of Business: Publishers-Book
BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
Additional DBA Names: Lifevest Publishing Inc.

On January 21, 2010, the company filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the federal Bankruptcy Act, case number 10-11040. Those with monetary claims against the company are advised to obtain a Proof of Claim form by writing to Colorado Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF, 721 19th St, Denver, CO, 80202 for resubmission to that court.

On Behalf Of The Colorado Department Of Revenue

Lifevest Publishing, Inc.
Date: Tuesday, February 9th 11:00AM
Inspection: Tuesday, February 9th 9:30-11:00AM

4901 E Dry Creek Rd, Centennial
The assets of Lifevest Publishing, Inc. are located in two separate entrances in the complex

(2) Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro C5501 Copiers With Touch Panel Monitors, both manufactured in 2008 This item has been redeemed by the leasing company and will not be part of the auction. Thank you.
Exact Bind PBS-6000A Perfect Binder, SN: E-00047, programmable milling/notching depths, independent hard cover nipping system, automatic mode for hard cover binding, programmable cover thickness
MBM Triumph 4850 Guillotine Electric Paper Cutter
MBM Triumph 4700 18 ¾” Electric Paper Cutter
Exact Bind EB-1200HP PR12 Laminator, SN: 0181
Fast Bind Secura Hard & Soft Cover Binder
Fast Bind Wide Format Elite Binder
Bind Fast 5 Standard Binder, SN: 014708
Fast Bind C40 Creaser
GLE D5000 Standard Viewer & More!

Wave 4 Telephone System; Polycom Conference Stations
Selection of Dell Optiplex 330 Intel Core 2 & Other Computer Systems With Flat Panel Monitors
Dell 3110cn Color Laser Printer
Xerox Tektronix Phaser 7700 & 4400 Color Laser Printers
Kyocera FS-9520DN Ecosys Laser Printer
Canon Pixma iP4200, Hewlett Packard & Other Laser Printers
Chrome Adjustable Metro Type Storage Racks
Selection Of Desks, Black Leather Executive Office Chairs
Sentry Combination Safe
Assorted Tent Displays & Weights
Various Office Supplies
Selection Of New Hardback & Paperback Books
White Wood Adjustable Bookcases
White Refrigerator; GE Microwave Oven
Wood Stools
New Toner Cartridges
Artificial Trees & Plants
Eureka The Boss Vacuum & More!


All items will be offered in bulk, then piecemeal & awarded in the highest manner. Call on day of auction due to possible cancellation upon payment of taxes.

Dickensheet and Associates, Inc.
1501 West Wesley Avenue
Denver, CO 80223
Telephone: (303) 934-8322
Fax: (303) 934-8252

As an author that had a book with Lifevest, it is of interest to me that my book, along with the inventory of other authors book, were sold at a public auction.

Even more, are the number of complaints against Lifevest since the death of Rick Simmons, the former CEO of Lifevest.
Those with an interest in this case, please contact me right away.

Muslim Jihadists already in the United States

Photo: Internet

Muslim Jihadists already in the United States


Chicago, Illinois July 2nd Thursday 16:45Hrs:
Yochung Xian, a 32 year old Malaysian immigrant smiled as he removed his sunglasses. It had been a long ride on the L-Train from Mid-Town center.. Standing on the train’s platform, he shouldered his small red backpack and strode towards the steps leading up to Edmore street landing. Around him a throng of commuters pushed and shoved their way onto the stifling hot street.
He glanced around as he made his way south along the busy street. The sidewalk covered in chalked graffiti underneath his feet, he watched his reflection in the many glass storefront windows as he passed by them. Around him the pre-holiday crowds moving slowly, stopping here and there to survey the trinkets on sale.
The Edmore Street Shopping center was packed as customers prepared for the long three day weekend ahead. The tiny strip mall situated on Chicago’s south side served a diverse community, most of whom worked in nearby factories and warehouses.
Amid the crumbling basketball courts, rusted cars in back of dilapidated clapboard houses, and overflowing trash dumpsters typical of many Chicago’s inner city neighborhood’s, the smells of barbeque and festivities filled the air with a sense of excitement.
14 year old Joshua Temple dropped another quarter into the pinball machines slot. He’d already spent two dollars in quarters on this machine-he was sure that he would hit the Triple Eight bonus this time. The bonus giving him eight free games. His two best friends Shay and Will crowded around the sides of the machine cheering him on.
The throng of kids playing video games were drown out by the sounds of lasers, bombs, and music emanating from the dozens of game machines in the small non-descript game arcade. An arcade that attracted many, if not all, of the communities children. There was nothing else for them to do, other than attending school and playing in the streets. The Edmore Street Game Arcade was the focal point of the strip mall’s proprietors, a Korean family that called the neighborhood home.
Rachel Meadows, a retired 67 year old white haired school teacher made her way into the small shopping center. Pushing her cart through the store’s narrow isle, she took her time in selecting the goodies that she would need during the customary family cookout enjoyed by her family every year.
Yochung Xian stopped in front of the Edmore Street arcade, watching as the forty odd kids played amid the twinkling lights and garish music. He looked up at the overhead sign, and noticed with satisfaction that it read “We are all God’s children”, and stepped inside of the crowded video arcade.
The explosion hurled bricks and chunks of cement across the parking lot. A girls pink sneaker landed on a parked car fifty feet away. The thunder like boom of the suicide bomb echoing off the buildings across the street-shattering most of the windows in the many small businesses dotting the area.
Inside the ravaged strip mall, mangled and torn bodies lay in spreading pools of blood. The distorted limbless bodies sprawled outside in the parking lot reminiscent of scenes occurring in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The sheer violence of the attack  and the abrupt slaughter of the people inside the strip mall a testament to the heinous planning and disregard for human life.
Amid the blaring car alarms and screams of the injured, there was little left of the Edmore Street Game Arcade. The roof had collapsed, crushing those inside. Jagged pieces of glass hurled by the horrific explosion had become missiles, slicing through those unlucky enough to have been standing outside of the arcade. Scores of holiday shoppers lay mangled on the sidewalk and in the parking lot. Thick black smoke rushed upwards filling the clear summer sky, as crackling flames leapt out of the arcade’s destroyed roof.
Across town at the Highland Platform, another L-Train packed with commuters screeched to a stop, its electronic doors opening. As the crowd swarmed into and out of the packed commuter train, a huge fireball mushroomed from inside the train’s center car. Jagged bits of glass and steel scythed through the unaware passengers. The train lifting several inches off the ground-disconnecting it from the others, and toppling ionto the already injured lying on the platform’s concrete walkway.
Read the full article [ HERE ]

Islam the death of America

Hamza Yusuf Hanson-Radical Anti-American Muslim

Islam will never integrate itself into American culture. The only way that Islam can grow, is to take over America from within.
The British allowed Muslims a voice in their government-and now there are 85 Sharia “kangaroo” courts doling out a 5th century brand of justice to British Muslims. Honor killings are on the rise, violent jihadists protest on England’s street, police services are unable to quell angry violent Muslims rampaging throughout their cities, and ordinary British citizen are imprisoned within their own neighborhoods.
Islamic University prepares to open in Berkeley, California next fall.  Zaytuna College will be the first accredited Muslim college in the United States.
“The college has been hailed as a victory for moderate Islam, a place to promote religious understanding by “blending traditional Islam and American culture and establishing a permanent place for the religion in American society,”

Teenager flees possible Islamic honor killing

Muslim Dad Honor Killing In Arizona

Mariwan Halabjaee – Voice of America editorial

Muslim Girl Age 12 Fears For Her Life From Husband

NINE YEARS OLD! Look at the burn marks on her hands. THIS IS A RELIGION…?

Sarha Said’s last words to 9-1-1 Operator

Sarah Said Autopsy Report-Video

The “Monster” called her father-shot her nine times, and then killed Sarah’s little sister. I wish that I could be there when this guy is dropped from a long rope off a very tall bridge. i want this bastard to feel some pain on his way to hell.


Kuwaiti Scholar wants to use anthrax against Americans