Lifevest Publishing Bankrupt


I’ve received so many emails from pissed off writers that want to know where their bo0ks or money went–that I thought I should tell everyone that reads this article:  I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF LIFEVEST PUBLISHING-NEVER WAS, NEVER WILL BE!   I HAVE NO OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT LIFEVEST, OTHER THAN WHAT I POSTED ON THIS BLOG.  CALL MIKE DAHERN  THE FORMER LIFEVEST CEO FOR MORE INFORMATION 720-284-7581. TELL THAT POMPOUS ASS THAT FRANKE SCHEIN SENT YA–!



Over the last few months I have been made aware that unknown person are using the former Lifevest Publishing Name and Business information to perpetuate what appears to be an outright scam against former lifevest authors. They are using the business address and telephone numbers, as well as the old Lifevest website, and sending out marketing e-mails trying to generate and solicit response from lifevest authors.

However–all of the emaisl are bounced back, or are not answered by any of these people. Their email address is sent from . This particular email forwarding service has been contacted, and they are aware of the situation and monitoring it.

Ifyou have received any communications from people purporting to represent Lifevest Publishing, please send a copy to me at

Livevest Publishing
Name: Lifevest Publishing
Phone: (303) 221-1007 – Disconnected
Fax: (720) 489-7205
Address: 4901 E. Dry Creek Rd., #170
Centennial, CO 80122
Original Business Start Date: June 2002
Principal: Ms. Brenda Simmons, Owner
Customer Contact: Mr. Jim Royals
Type of Business: Publishers-Book
BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
Additional DBA Names: Lifevest Publishing Inc.

On January 21, 2010, the company filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the federal Bankruptcy Act, case number 10-11040. Those with monetary claims against the company are advised to obtain a Proof of Claim form by writing to Colorado Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF, 721 19th St, Denver, CO, 80202 for resubmission to that court.

On Behalf Of The Colorado Department Of Revenue

Lifevest Publishing, Inc.
Date: Tuesday, February 9th 11:00AM
Inspection: Tuesday, February 9th 9:30-11:00AM

4901 E Dry Creek Rd, Centennial
The assets of Lifevest Publishing, Inc. are located in two separate entrances in the complex

(2) Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro C5501 Copiers With Touch Panel Monitors, both manufactured in 2008 This item has been redeemed by the leasing company and will not be part of the auction. Thank you.
Exact Bind PBS-6000A Perfect Binder, SN: E-00047, programmable milling/notching depths, independent hard cover nipping system, automatic mode for hard cover binding, programmable cover thickness
MBM Triumph 4850 Guillotine Electric Paper Cutter
MBM Triumph 4700 18 ¾” Electric Paper Cutter
Exact Bind EB-1200HP PR12 Laminator, SN: 0181
Fast Bind Secura Hard & Soft Cover Binder
Fast Bind Wide Format Elite Binder
Bind Fast 5 Standard Binder, SN: 014708
Fast Bind C40 Creaser
GLE D5000 Standard Viewer & More!

Wave 4 Telephone System; Polycom Conference Stations
Selection of Dell Optiplex 330 Intel Core 2 & Other Computer Systems With Flat Panel Monitors
Dell 3110cn Color Laser Printer
Xerox Tektronix Phaser 7700 & 4400 Color Laser Printers
Kyocera FS-9520DN Ecosys Laser Printer
Canon Pixma iP4200, Hewlett Packard & Other Laser Printers
Chrome Adjustable Metro Type Storage Racks
Selection Of Desks, Black Leather Executive Office Chairs
Sentry Combination Safe
Assorted Tent Displays & Weights
Various Office Supplies
Selection Of New Hardback & Paperback Books
White Wood Adjustable Bookcases
White Refrigerator; GE Microwave Oven
Wood Stools
New Toner Cartridges
Artificial Trees & Plants
Eureka The Boss Vacuum & More!


All items will be offered in bulk, then piecemeal & awarded in the highest manner. Call on day of auction due to possible cancellation upon payment of taxes.

Dickensheet and Associates, Inc.
1501 West Wesley Avenue
Denver, CO 80223
Telephone: (303) 934-8322
Fax: (303) 934-8252

As an author that had a book with Lifevest, it is of interest to me that my book, along with the inventory of other authors book, were sold at a public auction.

Even more, are the number of complaints against Lifevest since the death of Rick Simmons, the former CEO of Lifevest.
Those with an interest in this case, please contact me right away.

29 thoughts on “Lifevest Publishing Bankrupt

  1. What happened to my book, ” The Healing Room?”

    How can I get copies? Was my book sold?
    I need a lot of information ……


  2. From what I have just read, my book, “AsI Was Saying…” has been sold at auction. I want all the transcripts returned to me!!
    Were the books sold to a firm in India?


    • Hello,

      Your talking to the wrong person Bud…
      I am one of the writers that is just passing the word, since LifeVest didn’t have the courtesy to informa anyone else of their closure and Tax problems..


  3. I was just checking in because my books keep selling but I have not had a check in a while. My book is 6 years old and I have always done very, very well, surprised for sure!!!

    Please let me know what is going on.

    Beth Ann Mammola-Koravos
    “Good Night God, Love Olivia”


  4. MY BOOK, “CALL MOM”is a cookbook having been published by Lifevest. I would like information as to how I can get a “master” copy in order that this book can be reprinted by a different publisher.

    Thank you, Beverly Aach


  5. Well at least you all had your books published. I paid money to them and no work was ever done.

    I was contacted by the person who I used to work with at LVP (or at least it was supposed to be him, it was through an email so who knows) telling me how to get access to the books – using another publisher. When I asked about my money I was only told – “Sorry they even owe me 24K for commissons”

    I just find it funny how they kept telling me over and over when I met with them that they were a trust worthy CHRISTIAN company. Should have steered clear at that point.


  6. I received a letter saying that Steuben Press would sell me the CD they had of my book formerly produced by LifeVest. I can’t find Steuben. LifeVest’s former office is occupied by R&R Graphics, but I haven’t been able to get hold of them, either. Any idea where my CD might be?
    Thanks, Keith


  7. I was misinformed in 2008. As the author of “Great Canyon Pakkaroo” a wildlife fictional book of moral teaching, I have not seen one red cent. Anyone can type the book name on the website and see the world is still selling my book. I need more information. A. M. Phillps


  8. I need copies of my book The Lanes of Tennessee published by Lifevest Publishing in
    2004. Is there any way I can get them? What has happened to the company? Can I get any information about where my book is?


  9. Does anybody know anything about how to get our manuscripts? Sure the legal department which handled the BK should know. How can this be?


  10. I have info. on Lifevest Books. Any authors that want there books published may e-mail me a After weeks of tracking down I finally found the people that have the manuscripts. Contact me for info.


  11. Stueben Press is being operated by former LifeVest EMployees that purchased the main computer system containing all of the author files. For a fee of $25.00, they will sell you your property. If you choose not to do this, then let them know that they have copyrighted material on their system, and tell them to get it off their computer.

    After all the BS with lifevest, I will not use any of their employees, and I don’t give a dam,ned who they are. They are part of the problem, and didn’t step forward when the times were tough.


    • Boy Franke you must really be mad. Come on down to earth, how can you hold former employees responsible for what there employers do. Any company that has several employees know that sometimes things happen without there knowledge. I for one trust the person I worked with at Lifevest, maybe not the former owners but at least this person. Any one that still wants their books published can still contact me by going to my former post. God Bless


  12. If Stueben Press is being operated by former Lifevest employees, then why are they asking us for a $25 fee to receive electronic files that belong to US?!!!! My book is being sold on several websites and I have not seen one cent!!!!


  13. I guess I have a different view of Steuben Press. The former LifeVest employees actually were not paid by the owner of LifeVest for some time and lost money in the deal as well. I worked with Steuben to republish my first book, Itty Bitty Saves the Day, and my new book, Itty Bitty and the Hide & Seek Adventure, and I have been very satisfied with them. MY MAIN CONCERN NOW is that the LifeVest website is still up and folks appear to be able to order books from LifeVest via Amazon. Where are those transactions going? Are people getting books through them?


  14. I was also surprized to hear of this bankruptcy. I tried to get copies of a book I paid Lifevest to publish “Yearning for God’s Truth.” I cannot get a copy and it was listed on Amazon for some time. Not a dime from anyone, not that this is the important issue.


  15. I’m a former LifeVest employee and am owed money by LifeVest Publishing. I went to the “personal” bankruptcy hearing for Brenda Simmons, who took the full brunt for LifeVest. LifeVest sent a note DENYING bankruptcy. It was MICHAEL (MIKE) DAHER (no “n”) who drove LifeVest Publishing into the ground. If the employees had been given the opportunity to run LifeVest, chances are good it would still be operating as an honest, hardworking company whose goal was to help authors get their books into print and into the marketplace. Adam Evans, another former employee, got the main computer with author’s files. Adam is in LifeVest’s original location, working under his company name, Steuben Press, 303 482-2060. (The backup hard drive, unfortunately, is in the hands of the criminals.)


  16. I too have been scammed by Lifevest. On my last visit with David Orzakowski, I was told they only owed me in the range of 12 to 13 dollars. I had done previous investigation of where and how many of my books had been sold and it was far exceeding what he claimed. Not to mentioned, they did not even attempt to mail me that small amount of money. My books too continue to sell in major book stores and from the United States of America and also as far as China. My web sight which was a costly out of pocket design on my part is not able to up and run as I would be paying for a domain that is not generating ME any income. I feel strongly that I most certainly have sat on my hands too long and am ready to be paid for the hard work that went into my initial first book with lifevest. As I move forward in this investigation, I will post what I have learned and hope anyone interested will jump on board. I believe everyone needs to contact the Better Business Bureau.


  17. My children’s picture book, Lumpy the Elephant, published by Lifevest has been advertized for sale on ( as well as many other online bookstores ever since 2007. In all that time I have received no royalties from Lifevest and have no idea how many books have been purchased online. Is there any way for me to find out? I have, in the meantime, sold a lot of books privately and was just getting ready to replenish my own stock, when I learned about the bankruptcy. I read here that Steuben Press is in possession of Lifevest’s computer files. How reliable a print-on-demand source for additional copies of my book would they be? Or will I have to go to the expense of republishing my book with another company? I just want to say that I sympathize with all my fellow authors who have been left in the lurch by Lifevest and who have lost much more than I have. I wish them all well. Lifevest was no life saver and it certainly did not live up to its name!


  18. I had two children’s books “published” by lifevest; I need to have one of those books reprinted, but they have the electronic files. I wonder if anyone can get those for me? is there any chance of a suite being filed by all of us who have been ‘scamed” by this company? I had the other 3 done by another company, because I felt that Lifevest had began to ask too much for their services. Amazon continues to offer my first two books for sale. Does that mean they have the electronic files? My books published with Lifevest were “Muffy the dragon” and “Fancy, the beautiful little dragon”. Can anyone help?


    • I am willing to press forward and retrieve my book rights and a very expensive web sight.

      Any other takers?

      Shannon Kelly- Wilson

      Sent from my iPhone. Shannon Wilson


  19. I too have seen my books being sold through various venues. I’d sure like to know who is getting the royalties and is now printing the books?


  20. I am the author of a book published by Lifevest and offered on “Stretching My Wings, Taking Flight” No one has contacted me about royalty payments or anything else. Like others I’m wondering where the master CD is. Does anyone have information to help me?


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