19 year old killed by SWAT Team

The LoneWolf Resistance ManualJose Colon
April 19, 2002—NY
On April 19, 2002, police prepare to conduct a heavily-armed late-night drug raid (it includes a helicopter) on a home in Bellport, New York. As four paramilitary unit officers rush across the front lawn, 19 year-old Jose Colon emerges from the targeted house.
According to the police account of the raid, as officers approach, one of them trips over a tree root, then falls forward, into the lead officer, causing his gun to accidentally discharge three times. One of the three bullets hits Colon in the side of the head, killing him.
Police say they screamed at Colon to “get down” as they approached, though two witnesses told a local newscast that, (a) their screams were inaudible over the sound of the helicopter, and (b) the officers appeared to be frozen before the shooting — no one tripped. One of the witnesses later recanted his story after speaking with police.
Colon was never suspected of buying or selling drugs. Police proceeded with the raid, and seized eight ounces of marijuana. A subsequent investigation found no criminal wrongdoing on the part of police. The family of Colon — who had no criminal record and was months away from becoming the first member of his family to earn a bachelor’s degree — is pursuing a lawsuit.
Tony Martinez
December 20, 2001—TX
On December 20, 2001, police in Travis County, Texas storm a mobile home on a no-knock drug warrant.
19-year-old Tony Martinez, nephew of the man named in the warrant, is asleep on the couch at the time of the raid. Martinez was never suspected of any crime. When Martinez rises from the couch as police break into the home, deputy Derek Hill shoots Martinez in the chest, killing him.Martinez is unarmed.
A grand jury later declined to indict Hill in the shooting. The shooting occurred less than a mile from the spot of a botched drug raid that cost Deputy Keith Ruiz his life. Hill was also on that raid. The same Travis County paramilitary unit would later erroneously raid a woman’s home after mistaking ragweed for marijuana plants.
Alberto Sepulveda
September 13, 2000—CA

Early in the morning on September 13, 2000, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the FBI, and the Stanislaus County, California drug enforcement agency conduct raids on 14 homes in and around Modesto, California after a 19-month investigation.
According to the Los Angeles Times, the DEA and FBI asked that local SWAT teams enter each home unannounced to secure the area ahead of federal agents, who would then come to serve the warrants and search for evidence. Federal agents warn the SWAT teams that the targets of the warrants, including Alberto Sepulveda’s father Moises, should be considered armed and dangerous.
After police forcibly enter the Sepulveda home, Alberto, his father, his mother, his sister, and his brother are ordered to lie face down on the floor with arms outstretched. Half a minute after the raid begins, the shotgun officer David Hawn has trained on Alberto’s head discharges, instantly killing the eleven-year-old boy.
No drugs or weapons are found in the home.
The Los Angeles Times later reports that when Modesto police asked federal investigators if there were any children present in the Sepulveda home, they replied, “not aware of any.” There were three.
A subsequent internal investigation by the Modesto Police Department found that federal intelligence evidence against Moises Sepulveda — who had no previous criminal record — was “minimal.” In 2002 he pled guilty to the last charge remaining against him as a result of the investigation — using a telephone to distribute marijuana. The city of Modesto and the federal government later settled a lawsuit brought by the Sepulvedas for the death of their son for $3 million.
At first, Modesto Police Chief Roy Wasden seemed to be moved by Sepulveda’s death toward genuine reform. “What are we gaining by serving these drug warrants?” Wasden is quoted as asking in the Modesto Bee. “We ought to be saying, ‘It’s not worth the risk. We’re not going to put our officers and community at risk anymore.'”
Unfortunately, as part of the settlement with the Sepulvedas, while Modesto announced several reforms in the way its SWAT team would carry out drug raids, there was no mention of discontinuing the use of paramilitary units to conduct no-knock or knock-and-announce warrants on nonviolent drug offenders.
The Militarization of local Police Departments
These tactics can no longer be allowed in American society. The militarization of local police forces stands against every tenet of “To protect and Serve”, something that has been lost in the transition.
How many innocent Americans will be killed before police departments are held accountable for these criminal raids of private homes--sometimes the wrong homes.
SWAT raids are nothing less than organized and legal murder with little oversight or accountability by the people in charge.

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Lifevest Publishing Bankrupt


I’ve received so many emails from pissed off writers that want to know where their bo0ks or money went–that I thought I should tell everyone that reads this article:  I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF LIFEVEST PUBLISHING-NEVER WAS, NEVER WILL BE!   I HAVE NO OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT LIFEVEST, OTHER THAN WHAT I POSTED ON THIS BLOG.  CALL MIKE DAHERN  THE FORMER LIFEVEST CEO FOR MORE INFORMATION 720-284-7581. TELL THAT POMPOUS ASS THAT FRANKE SCHEIN SENT YA–!



Over the last few months I have been made aware that unknown person are using the former Lifevest Publishing Name and Business information to perpetuate what appears to be an outright scam against former lifevest authors. They are using the business address and telephone numbers, as well as the old Lifevest website, and sending out marketing e-mails trying to generate and solicit response from lifevest authors.

However–all of the emaisl are bounced back, or are not answered by any of these people. Their email address is sent from sale.livevestpublishing@awebber.com . This particular email forwarding service has been contacted, and they are aware of the situation and monitoring it.

Ifyou have received any communications from people purporting to represent Lifevest Publishing, please send a copy to me at frankeschein@hotmail.com

Livevest Publishing
Name: Lifevest Publishing
Phone: (303) 221-1007 – Disconnected
Fax: (720) 489-7205
Address: 4901 E. Dry Creek Rd., #170
Centennial, CO 80122
Website: http://www.lifevestpublishing.com
Original Business Start Date: June 2002
Principal: Ms. Brenda Simmons, Owner
Customer Contact: Mr. Jim Royals
Type of Business: Publishers-Book
BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
Additional DBA Names: Lifevest Publishing Inc.

On January 21, 2010, the company filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the federal Bankruptcy Act, case number 10-11040. Those with monetary claims against the company are advised to obtain a Proof of Claim form by writing to Colorado Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF, 721 19th St, Denver, CO, 80202 for resubmission to that court.
SOURCE: http://www.bbb.org/denver/business-reviews/publishers-book/lifevest-publishing-in-centennial-co-75003431#bankruptcy

On Behalf Of The Colorado Department Of Revenue

Lifevest Publishing, Inc.
Date: Tuesday, February 9th 11:00AM
Inspection: Tuesday, February 9th 9:30-11:00AM

4901 E Dry Creek Rd, Centennial
The assets of Lifevest Publishing, Inc. are located in two separate entrances in the complex

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All items will be offered in bulk, then piecemeal & awarded in the highest manner. Call on day of auction due to possible cancellation upon payment of taxes.

Dickensheet and Associates, Inc.
1501 West Wesley Avenue
Denver, CO 80223
Telephone: (303) 934-8322
Fax: (303) 934-8252
E-mail: customerservice@dickensheet.com
Source: http://denver.craigslist.org/bfs/1588046053.html

As an author that had a book with Lifevest, it is of interest to me that my book, along with the inventory of other authors book, were sold at a public auction.

Even more, are the number of complaints against Lifevest since the death of Rick Simmons, the former CEO of Lifevest.
Those with an interest in this case, please contact me right away. frankeschein@hotmail.com