The World Our Children Will Inherit

The World Our Children Will Inherit

By Franke Schein

From time to time I am reminded about the fragility of our lives when I am witness to events and issues outside of the influence of the little world that surrounds me. Witness to events such as the volcanic activity in the Philippines, as well as the earthquake that rocked New Zealand and Japan.


It is with keen interest that I watch horrified at the human misery and suffering that these people endure; and yet I also shake my head and wonder why they seem so stunned that their little slice of earth has dumped on them.


These types of events have been on the rise over the years. It’s almost as if nearly every country on the globe is facing some sort of catastrophe, or another. Did these folks really expect that their countries would somehow be spared.


I see these people (on video) running around in tears that their homes were destroyed, yet never once do they thank God that their alive.  It’s like they place more importance on their meager belongings and accumulated material wealth, instead of the lives that they lead, and the life that they are still living.


I find it a difficult pill to swallow that these folks have not taken the time to prepare themselves mentally and physically for what is yet to come in our narrow future. I wonder how many New Zealanders actually stockpiled food, water, and other essential supplies—just in case something like this does happen.


All across the globe we are seeing, in almost real time, natural and man-made catastrophes that suffer human lives, injure score of people, and wreck their respective worlds to some degree or another. Our news feeds are filled with these stories, and it’s both sad, and yet predictable as well.

Here’s a news flash folks:

“We are living on borrowed time!”


Our world is slowly destroying itself, at least in one way or another. Events around the globe are frightening when one takes the time to actually look beyond their own front yards. Everywhere there is humankind, it seems that nature is crippling and killing them by the scores, or we humans are killing ourselves at an ever alarming rate.


Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wild fires, landslides, ocean flooding, seasonal rain flooding, lingering monsoon rain, fish beaching themselves, birds dropping out of the skies, insects going crazy, magnetic storm, electrical storms, ice cap melting, oceans rising, fresh water supplies dwindling, oil supplies declining, food prices rising, self-serving politicians, greedy bankers, dishonest corporations, under-funded social security system,  massive deforestation programs, medical pandemics, increasing government control, decreasing civil liberties, brainwashed educational systems, tax cheating corporate entities, solar electrical storm, devalued dollar, plunging stock markets, skyrocketing gold prices, over population, terrorist attacks, wars on all the continents, and the list goes on, and on, and on…


I spend a considerable amount of time strategizing how events could play out, how they could affect me and mine, as well as both the short term and long term ramifications of any given event. I look at these things with a critical eye; and draw heavily upon mankind’s history, and other sources of information.


I tend to have a realistic outlook on things, while others I give only a passing glance if it falls outside of my area of expertise. All of the aforementioned events are something that I keep a close eye upon. From time to time I hear of other things that could set off a chain reaction, and if these events are important enough, then they are integrated into my “Threat List” that is always updated.


I watch as governments around the world take a hardline (sometimes deadly) approach towards political dissent, public outcries, and population dissatisfaction.  Citizens of the world gather together, lament their disfavor, and get caught up in a hail of bullets, or quickly rounded up and tossed into dark dungeons around the worlds more sinister countries.


And we Americans  spend all our time worrying about the price of gas, and whatever the latest television reality show will depict tonight…


We have thirty-something kids that have never voted, don’t give a rats ass about civil rights, have never owned a hunting rifle, don’t like handguns, don’t fish, hunt, trap, or shoot skeet—but would stand idly on the sidelines when those rights are being taken away from us one right at a time.


We have parents that don’t teach their kids, can’t stand up to them, and allow ten year old kids to tell their parents what to do. These spoiled-bought-and-paid-for children are our own futures, and the collective future of our entire country. Yet we coddle them, instead of laying down the rules and enforcing standards that they learn to grow with, as well as pass onto their children. We hold off on beating their little asses, sending them to their room, and are afraid to punish them because the kid’s teachers have brainwashed them to call the cops on parents that are “Out Of Control”…


Our government is ripe with petty dictators that are out for themselves, don’t give a damned about the rest of us out here, and rake in the dough all the while playing both sides against each other. They don’t care if we know it, because they already have realized that hardly anyone will move away from in front of  the television set to get them booted out of office.


Our tax supported police department are killing us in record numbers, treating all of us like criminals that haven’t been caught yet, and take the courtroom stand lying through their teeth to get the conviction in order to justify their enormous monthly salaries and retirement benefits. Most would willingly take your life even if the order that they received from their masters were blatantly unconstitutional and illegal.


Court judges have become nothing more than tax collectors for the city, county, state, and federal court system. It’s not about being fair and impartial anymore, it’s about raking in the dough for their self-serving masters upstairs.


Our fabled child support collection agencies have become some of the worst offenders in the country. They make their own laws, enforce their own rules, bend them at will, and make up new ones to suit the moment, all the while damning non-custodial parents to a living hell of servitude, suicide, and jail—all in the name of fiscal revenue.


Our water is polluted, our air getting dirtier each day, our crops are grown with chemicals, and our herd animals are being stuffed to the ears with even more chemicals and other crap that puts all of us at risk of early death.


The world’s population is growing, while our agricultural base is declining. Soon there will be shortage of food, and more hungry mouths to feed than the average farmer can support. It will one day result in small family farmers being taken over by the government controlled factory farms, and that means higher food prices and lower quality food with little or no concerns to what we are being force fed, or that it might somehow kill us in the long term.


Our schools are being run like political indoctrination centers by a cadre of well-trained socialist that view our world from a different perspective, and would gladly sacrifice each of us for the greater cause. Stalin said the same thing, and eventually twenty million people were collectively sacrificed for the good of mother Russia. These are the type of nutcases that stand in front of our kids every day in school, and lay out their plans for the new world to our university educated children.

Our own military forces are being trained to protect the people that we voted(??) into office, just in case we get even more tired of their sanctimonious bullshit. Troops armed with machineguns, mortars, and other weapons are being indoctrinated that we are all the enemy , and that they must defend America from US AMERICANS, in case we get out of hand sometime in the future.

 You see, when you take a hard look at the rest of the world, as well as the history of the world, you will quickly realize that America will soon fall under the third world political regimes like we see in other countries—and that brings me back to where this article began; Our present situation, and how we could deal with it at the root-family-level of our own existence.


It’s up to each of us how these events play out, how we cope and deal with them individually, and collectively. It’s up to each of us to figure out the threats, strategize the unthinkable, and teach ourselves how to overcome these reprehensible affairs that are growing in their momentum.


It starts at home with our children. Take the time to teach them to slow down, get rid of the damned cellphones and Video games. Those things are pretty handy to have around, but teach them to go outside and play with other kids. Don’t punish them when they come home with dirty knees, and a few small battle scars—that is what growing up is all about.


We leave this world naked and with nothing in our pockets. The only legacy that we live behind is the good that we have done, the harm that we have caused, and the gift of our children to future generations of our lineage.  Our children will inherit what we have taught them, learned what we have shown them, and pass onto their children all that they have become through their day to day interaction with us.


Teach them to help those that have fallen down, to be generous with their kindness and forgiveness, and harsh with their apathy towards civil conformities.


Show them that it’s alright to be loud when others are being hushed, to stand tall when others kneel, and to always do what they said that they were gonna’ do. To treat women with respect, and to feel sad when another man is crying in front of them. That’s it’s okay to challenge the status quo, but that they better be right on the mark, and stick to their guns when the knives are being drawn.


This coming November I will see my 54th birthday, and it surprises me that I have lived this long already. It’s been a long journey, and I like to think that I have accomplished some things that I told myself were worth doing. I look behind me and see that young boy living in the caves of Kentucky, the teenager running with the Detroit and Chicago street gangs, the young brash biker raising hell on the streets, and the stranger that walked among other strangers in various cities of our country. It was a trip that has ingrained me with indelible ink that has formed the essence of who I am, and what I represent to those that I care about. Much like the history of many of you, and your respective families as they grew and spread out among the world.


Each of us are very unique. We are all distant cousins by six degrees of separation. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do—we all share the same DNA from the very first parents. It makes this world both a larger, and smaller place at the same time.  It was for me personally, a very uplifting experience when I learned of this, and finally after much reluctance, accepted that all mankind, even those that we detest—are our brothers and sisters.


Yet those distant families are suffering the same fate that we in America are only starting to get a little taste of. There are people in this world that have never eaten ice cream, watched television or been to a movie theater. There are children that will never know what fun the internet can be, and families that suffer through the long night unsure if they will remain alive overnight. These are the things that are upsetting—and the root of the degenerate geopolitical diseases that are spreading across the globe. The hegemony of imperial adventurism at the hands of a select few individuals that insulate themselves from the rest of society.


All across the globe it looks like the sheep are turning against the wolves. The democracy movement in the Islamic countries are spread like wildfire. Thousands of people have been slaughtered as they fight for their liberties—and yet these tyrants are doing everything possible to keep the shackles on their people, even to the point of using artillery and jet fighters on massed demonstrators.


It makes me wonder what would happen to America if there were a similar uprising. Would the US Government call in foreign fighters to help them quell an uprising.


Folks, we are living in some troubling times. I’m not sure where all of this is going, but the signs indicate that somewhere out there above the horizon, there’s something brewing—and it has the name “America” all over it.