Election 2016: Asking All The Right Questions Before Voting

The Four Executive ClownsElection 2016: Asking All The Right Questions Before Voting
By Franke Schein – February 19th 2015

A relatively previously unknown black senator from Chicago, who never wrote or sponsored a bill, and who stood in sharp contrast to basic American values, somehow,  gets himself elected into the Whitehouse. Now, years later the undeniable truth emerges as how this all went down.

Blacks, Latinos, and young liberals, all of whom were swayed by Obama’s oratory skills, flocked to the voting centers, some for the first time in their lives, to vote for a man that will go down in history as the worse president to ever sit in America’s highest office.

Perhaps the next time around, these voters will take the time to actually research the views, opinions, and policies of the next Presidential Candidate, and ask the right questions before blindly voting.

Presidential Issues To Examine:
Gun Control:
Civil Rights
Border Security
Government Spending
National Debt
Religious Rights
Constitutional Rights
Welfare Reform
Education Reform
Foreign Policies
Domestic Policies
Employment Programs
Income Taxation Policies
Corporate Taxation
National Defense
Military Spending
Foreign Aid Programs
National Health Care Initiatives
Net-Neutrality Policies
Domestic Manufacturing Programs
Import/Export Policies
Social Security Policies
Domestic Surveillance Policies
Death Penalty
Iranian Nuclear Ambitions
Domestic Oil Production
Alternative Energy Production

Hard Questions To Ask:

1. Has the candidate  ever been involved in, or sympathetic to Marxist ideologies?

2. Has the candidate ever displayed any liberal tendencies towards important national issues?

3. Has the candidate served honorably in the US Military Forces?

4. Does the candidate regularly attend religious services?

5. Has the candidate ever been involved in any charges of theft, bribery, coercion, or malfeasance of public trust?

6. Does the candidate serve the interests of the constituents in his home state?

7. Has the candidate received payments or benefits from special interest lobby groups?

8. What is the candidates personal views on the following topics:
Racial Equality
Women’s Rights
Gun Rights
Parental Rights
Death Penalty
Human Rights

8. Can the candidate validate his views regarding the above (#7) question?

9. Has the candidate ever been involved in a public scandal such as infidelity, child abuse, DUI, or other similar issues?

10. Has the candidate ever voted in favor of any legislation that is contradictory to the Constitution?

11. Does this candidate consider himself a Global Citizen?

12. What is this candidates view on the United Nations?

13. What is this candidates view about Islam?

14. What is this candidates view on Islamic Extremism?

15. Does this candidate use Politically Correct language?

16. Does this candidate say ” Merry Christmas” or ” Happy Holidays”?

17. What positive initiatives has the candidate accomplished, or intends to accomplish, in the following areas:
Government Accountability?
Environmental Protection?
Low Income Housing?
Prescription Drug Transparency?
State Sovereignty Rights?
Infrastructure Reform Initiatives?

18. Will this candidate support Israel?

19. What is this candidates view on Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIL?

20. Will this candidate strengthen NATO alliances?

21. Does this candidate favor or oppose Two-State solution with regards to Israel and Palestine?

22. What efforts will this candidate undertake to accomplish the following issues:
National Incarceration Problems?
Anti-Drug Smuggling Programs?
Native Rights & Equality Issues?
Militarization Of Police Forces?

23. If so directed by both the congress and senate, will this candidate enforce constitutional laws regarding undocumented workers deportation?

24. Will this candidate submit to a public Lie-Detector Test to validate his truthfulness in all of the above?

25. Would this candidate voluntary step down from office if demanded by the congress or senate?

Immigration: The Medical Pandemic in America

Immigration: The Medical Pandemic in America

By Franke Schein – February 4th 2015

Obamas Immigration Bomb

Obama’s immigration amnesty plan has devastated American schools with a plethora of communicable diseases. Measles, whopping cough, shingles, influenza, bacteriological viruses, and 48-hour bugs has been sweeping through school population like a run away train.

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, high fevers, and a host of other sicknesses are effecting schools around the country in record numbers. Yet the CDC remains quiet about this growing epidemic. Once again, our “trusted doctors” are toeing the political line to the rogue Obama regime, just like they did during the Ebola crisis.

The Obama administration and their lapdog CDC partners cannot be trusted to keep the public informed.