Heart Beats Of Time:

Heartbeats Of Time:
By Franke Schein
[ Love Eternal ]


Time slips gently from one moment into the next; an infinitesimal ticking of the clock, ever-slowly creeping minute by minute into the next moment, until love anticipated find joyous comfort in your arms.

With hearts adore I tremble at the very thought of your skin against mine. To gaze into the depths of your soul, seeking a perfections match with my own; until the bond of togetherness embraces in sweet Luxor that which has eluded us throughout time separate.

Your sweet gentle voice; a sing song happiness filling the corners of my mind; reminding me that amidst the shadows of my own darkness, there you are, a glimmering flicker of love’s candlelight drawing me ever deeper into the ambivalence of profound desire, for that which I crave; that which induces hypnotic desire with the center of my very being, compelling me to give to you all of my Heat and Mastered Soul, until spent, our inseparability slumbers in harmony among the gentle release of your breath against my chest.

These things I hold and keep for you; the uncontrolled passion flowing within the boundaries of tender melodiousness whenever I think of you…


The Bug Out Vehicle

One of the primary element of my own family survival plan is the ability to quickly get away in the event something happens.

Here in Alaska we are faced with several real potentials for disasters. All of our plans detail our little family being able to stop whatever we are doing, and jump into the main BOV that awaits us in the driveway.

I have outfitted with old Suburban 4×4 with a brand new 5.7L 350hp engine, reworked all of the electronics, and outfitted the truck with programmable scanner, mobile HAM/Commercial radio, and a standard Citizen’s Band radio.

Double stuffed winter tires, and extra lights keep us on the road during those long and dark winter nights when seeing 50 yards up the road is almost impossible without High Intensity Discharge (HID) spotlights. They are tinted in blue in order to cut through the snow.

Inside the 4×4 we keep extra a clothing, wool blankets, tools, and our personal survival gear. Theirs is 1-month worth of food in back, as well as a full blow EMT kit for medical emergencies. Extra fuel cans, motor oil and fluids round out the inventory.

The roads in Alaska are ALWAYS glazed over with ice. Unlike the lower-48 states where the snowplows keep the roads clean; here in Alaska we have so much snow, that it is always ice covered and dangerous. Whiteouts occur with little or no warning, and oftentimes the weather will change in a heartbeat. Those who venture out into the remote areas have to keep basic survival supplies in the car, or they could potentially die within a few miles of the nearest gas station. Most small (mom & pop) gas stations close a little after dark-thirty.

The radios utilized by The Alaska Watchmen Group are Yeasu FT1900R 55-Watt mobile HAM radio that have the MARS/CAP option installed. The radio is capable of receiving and transmitting on the 136 MHz – 174 MHz band. In a SHTF event, a 100-Watt power amplifier cross-linked to a repeater system allows the group to maintain constant radio communications with each team

Don’t Go To Sleep Alone Out There

For those Bugging Out all by themselves. You might get a wake-up call, and the last thing that you see is THIS


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