Time Eternal

It is What It Is By Franke Schein

Time whispers silently into my ears; it whispers lovingly of thee; of moments intimate, of joys within
the serenity of your touch; of words spoken in the shadows of togetherness as time journeys forth into
the twilight of our lives; forever reminding me of you, forever giving me comfort and peace that our
spirits wander close, though seperate our paths maylead…

You and I; two strangers; flourshing in hope, found of desire; feeling the embrace that only two like spirits
can feel; wandering hand in hand together in our minds, yet living life a league apart. Perchance our
meeting in this lifetime, perhaps already touching in a previous life; this already ordained; this already
consummated upon the altars if time itself…

Wherfore Thous Walks…..There I Be; Wherefore thou feels the light of love upon thy heart…There I Am; a
reflection of hope glimmering within; a shadow crossing into paradise eternal; blessed in comfort
that love finds happy our souls, at peace in the knowledge that togetherness finds again our union of
hearts. Contentment swelling within that you and I have touched one another in this life; our fingers
finding neither skin or bone; yet our hearts mingling as only you can feel, and as only I can give to you…

How then my Dearest; can I Not speak these things to you; How can I keep still the quiet rush of surrender
giving way within me as yet another dawn creeps across the landscape of time itself; to appease the yearning
enticing my mind and perpetually stirring my craving of thee into the farthest reaches of my existence. For
to be as such; would be as to loose my eyes; to loose that burning fire consummated from the fiery depths of
love eternal – No; these things I breath; these things I feel with the damnation of existence; these things
uniquely mine to bear; and yours, uniquely yours to share…

Each night as I fix my eyes upon the stars I see you smiling in their reflection. Each day as I revel in
the sunshine I feel your warmth touching me. Each moment as I go about the ways of my life, I feel a
connection with yours. My senses flooded; my eyes cast unto the distant horizon seeking a vision of you so
prevailing upon my mind, it fills me with a deeper perception of who I am, and and what I seek. In all
that I am, and in all that I attain; I see you there with me. In everything that I feel; you are there
feeling it with me, and in mind, body, and spirit; I realize you are part of me; always having been so;
eternally forever a nourishment sustaining my wholeness and the spirit that carries me throughout
the ages…

Forever it has been like this; forever more so it shall remain, until life renewed awakens the sleeping
embrace only found once in this lifetime; when at last time finds us together again pleasing our hearts, and
satisfying the eternal hunger each finds in the other.

In that precious momen; For Us….Time eternal stands still…