Finding Old Friends

Finding Old Friends:

As we grow older in our lives and loose contact with our childhood friends and others; sometimes one of life’s greatest joys is to reconnect with those from our past. Sadly though, there are very few resources out there that will help us with this task.

Websites want your money, and sell you useless information. You can’t trust most of the “People Locators” that promise you everything under the stars for a measly $24.99 fee.

So I decided to try a new approach. The people below are the ones that I am trying to find. If you know them, know somebody that knows them, or happen across them; then by all means drop me a quick note. It would surely help to ease the burdens of my own search.

Marsha Uliano, (Plant City, Florida)

Marcia Uliano, (Plant City, Florida)

Jimmy Burgess, (Battle Creek, Michigan)

Jimmy Salter, (Battle Creek, Michigan)

April McClellan, (Franklin, North Carolina)

Robin Bennett, (Columbus, Ohio)

George Harrison, (Iowa)

Scott Milner, (Massachusetts)

George Harper III, (Chicago, Illinois)

Jannell Bradley, (London, Ohio)

The Path To Nanette’s House:

I walk alone;
The shadows of my life behind me falling into the void
that once was.
Ahead of me; a reflection of the former, renewed in
hope of that which beckons me further,
Compelling forward my steps into the unknown…

I fear not this journey, for I have walked here
With eager anticipation I step-off into the unknown,
My destination unsure, yet a sense of familiarity
enveloping me in its mist..

Trepidation falls by the wayside; replaced in kind
with hope.
Hope and desire mingling like milk and honey;
Combining to create this nectar we name Love…

But love is a sweet poison.
A sensory overload perforating the inner core of my
very existence.
A sweet dance of passion played around the campfires
of my heart,
Smoldering with its searing heat of unbiased lust, to
loose itself within the primal urges born unto that
which we have arisen from, and that which we seek.
Brandishing itself within,
Urging us forward into the unknown…

Lightly I step this trodden path. Gently I nudge along
its borders,
For I am at peace with myself, sure of insomuch as
That my steps will find the destination my heart so

Willingly I entertain this journey upon the arousing
fantasia giving birth within the darkened recesses of
my mind, to creep like a midnight fog into my
consciousness, and loose myself with its pleasures…
My days merge into night, and night fills me with
visions of you;

I tremble still…

The Insanity Of Love

The darkness enters once again into the loneliness
that is the vestiges of my life.
A familiar feeling consuming me in its eternal
embrace, cloaking the light within my heart,
enveloping my soul in its damnation, and causing
tempest feelings to arise in defiance; as twilight
slips away into the darkness…another night spent in
your memories…..

Minute by minute I resist the longings. Minute by
minute I feebly oppose its cravings; hunger unabashed
in fury gnaws around the corners of my heart, seeking
fulfillment of something unattainable; desiring with
unequalled fury that which I cannot possess; that which you withhold from me…..

I stand here at the threshold of life; my eyes lifted towards heaven; screaming in utter defiance your name
to the winds; hearing the mocking cries of desperation; avowed to return to that place in time
where forth this insanity aroused me. Only silence returns to me…..

The days merge with the night; the clock ticks intestinally away; reminding me of the absolute
emptiness my life has become without you. A former shadow of myself prodding slowly upon the pathway of a
miserable existence; another shallow face in a crowd of strangers…..

I see your face in every reflection; hear the sweetness of your voice in the confines of my heart;
and recall with absolute clarity those special moments spent together. Moments forever engraved upon my very
soul, branding my being with a renewed lust for life…..

You have altered that which I was; changed the very foundation of all that was I…..

The Path

Oh My Sweetness; what Thou hast done unto mine heart with thy vexing charms…

Thou art to me as the Makers sunshine is to a petal upon a rose; thy rays of light filling me from without, and nourishing my soul from within…

 Though beguiled it seems I am; though misery finds comfort in mine predicaments; I see thy face dazzling upon the moonlit waters of eternity, filling my soul with sustenance for thee, a slave unto thy smile; a creature nocturnal slithering in the abyss of forlorn hopelessness; entranced upon the very expectation of unrealized love within thy subtle grace…

A rapt fool walking upon the path of insanity, as yet I flee away into the consciousness of mine own stalwart life…

The darkness that once was mine, now overflowing with light of hopefulness, an impenetrable allure holding open the floodgates of desire; urging forward the hunger for that which thou withholds from me; a moment forever engraved upon all that I am; and all that is mine to give within my Heart and Mastered Soul…

I dream the dreams of passionate adore; thine love, caressing my foolish heart; thine loving gaze touching all that I am; empowering the spirit within, moving mountains from without. It is these things; whispered in the corners of my mind; echoes within the corners of my heart; and felt with every fiber of my very being; all that I am; as I breath the air of life and live in my skin; content and assured that thou doest filleth me with the sweet nectar of forbidden passion; hunger and longing for thee tugging at the corners of my consciousness; pulling me deeper within its confines; trembling at the thought…

Though miles may keep seperate our gaze; though distance rob me of thine touch; I long for that moment when at last consumation of words finds release in our minds; to descend within that moment; forever satiated, forever content; a bond forever unbroken; a touch forever remembered…

A Moment Forever Engraved Upon Eternity

Time Eternal

It is What It Is By Franke Schein

Time whispers silently into my ears; it whispers lovingly of thee; of moments intimate, of joys within
the serenity of your touch; of words spoken in the shadows of togetherness as time journeys forth into
the twilight of our lives; forever reminding me of you, forever giving me comfort and peace that our
spirits wander close, though seperate our paths maylead…

You and I; two strangers; flourshing in hope, found of desire; feeling the embrace that only two like spirits
can feel; wandering hand in hand together in our minds, yet living life a league apart. Perchance our
meeting in this lifetime, perhaps already touching in a previous life; this already ordained; this already
consummated upon the altars if time itself…

Wherfore Thous Walks…..There I Be; Wherefore thou feels the light of love upon thy heart…There I Am; a
reflection of hope glimmering within; a shadow crossing into paradise eternal; blessed in comfort
that love finds happy our souls, at peace in the knowledge that togetherness finds again our union of
hearts. Contentment swelling within that you and I have touched one another in this life; our fingers
finding neither skin or bone; yet our hearts mingling as only you can feel, and as only I can give to you…

How then my Dearest; can I Not speak these things to you; How can I keep still the quiet rush of surrender
giving way within me as yet another dawn creeps across the landscape of time itself; to appease the yearning
enticing my mind and perpetually stirring my craving of thee into the farthest reaches of my existence. For
to be as such; would be as to loose my eyes; to loose that burning fire consummated from the fiery depths of
love eternal – No; these things I breath; these things I feel with the damnation of existence; these things
uniquely mine to bear; and yours, uniquely yours to share…

Each night as I fix my eyes upon the stars I see you smiling in their reflection. Each day as I revel in
the sunshine I feel your warmth touching me. Each moment as I go about the ways of my life, I feel a
connection with yours. My senses flooded; my eyes cast unto the distant horizon seeking a vision of you so
prevailing upon my mind, it fills me with a deeper perception of who I am, and and what I seek. In all
that I am, and in all that I attain; I see you there with me. In everything that I feel; you are there
feeling it with me, and in mind, body, and spirit; I realize you are part of me; always having been so;
eternally forever a nourishment sustaining my wholeness and the spirit that carries me throughout
the ages…

Forever it has been like this; forever more so it shall remain, until life renewed awakens the sleeping
embrace only found once in this lifetime; when at last time finds us together again pleasing our hearts, and
satisfying the eternal hunger each finds in the other.

In that precious momen; For Us….Time eternal stands still…