The Path To Nanette’s House:

I walk alone;
The shadows of my life behind me falling into the void
that once was.
Ahead of me; a reflection of the former, renewed in
hope of that which beckons me further,
Compelling forward my steps into the unknown…

I fear not this journey, for I have walked here
With eager anticipation I step-off into the unknown,
My destination unsure, yet a sense of familiarity
enveloping me in its mist..

Trepidation falls by the wayside; replaced in kind
with hope.
Hope and desire mingling like milk and honey;
Combining to create this nectar we name Love…

But love is a sweet poison.
A sensory overload perforating the inner core of my
very existence.
A sweet dance of passion played around the campfires
of my heart,
Smoldering with its searing heat of unbiased lust, to
loose itself within the primal urges born unto that
which we have arisen from, and that which we seek.
Brandishing itself within,
Urging us forward into the unknown…

Lightly I step this trodden path. Gently I nudge along
its borders,
For I am at peace with myself, sure of insomuch as
That my steps will find the destination my heart so

Willingly I entertain this journey upon the arousing
fantasia giving birth within the darkened recesses of
my mind, to creep like a midnight fog into my
consciousness, and loose myself with its pleasures…
My days merge into night, and night fills me with
visions of you;

I tremble still…