Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is a farce

President Obama Bowing (Again)

Photo: AP

The little know former Senator from Illinois, whose election was engineered by liberals in the media, has the nerve to accept the Nobel Peace prize.
The same President, that as a Senator, stood against and opposed every civil liberty bill introduced in his own state and others-has never sponsored one single bill, and has compromised every campaign promise that he made during his trip into the Whitehouse.
The same President, that as a Senator, stood against and opposed every civil liberty bill introduced in his own state and others-has never sponsored one single bill, and has compromised every campaign promise that he made during his trip into the Whitehouse.
ü Obama endorsed the State Secrecy powers.
ü Increased covert surveillance of Americans with expanded Patriot Act laws.
ü Bankrolled fat-cat bankers and their self-serving corporate second tier entities.
ü Applied socialist style justice and agenda to the Nation’s highest office.
ü Replaced every public servant in the administration that opposes his leftist views.
ü Opposes private gun ownership.
ü Appointed Hillary Clinton-a woman much despised by a large percentage of voters.
ü Refused to rebuke Chin’s human rights violations.
ü Bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia.
ü Bowed (deeply at the waist) to the japans Emperor.
ü Offered “Government Transparency” and delivered heightened secrecies.
ü Aligned himself with racist groups such as the Black Panthers.
ü Told US military vets that the pose a threat to the United States.
ü Tip-toes around with North Korea.
ü Dismantled the Constitutional rights for Americans, and gave it to foreigners.
ü Allows Illegal Aliens citizenship rights.
ü Repealed the Pose Comitatus Act.
ü Throws lavish State parties amid an economic crisis.
ü Disrespected Israel-our strongest ally in the Mideast.
ü Raised Medicare payments for Senior citizens.
ü Refuses to take the advice of the country’s top military leaders.
ü Dismantled funding for Women’s rights in the USA-giving millions to Iraqi women rights instead.
ü Wants to prosecutors to identify and convict anyone that speaks out against him.
ü Can’t put two sentences together without a teleprompter.
This is the guy that gets the Nobel Peace Prize-what were they thinking?
Who’s going to pay for that very expensive trip to Norway? Oh, that’s right-the American Tax payer once again funds another extravagance for the socialist elite crowd in the Whitehouse…
ü Two Air Force One’s flying to Norway-round trip.
ü The flight crew of Air Force One and Air Force two.
ü The support-logistical crews of both aircraft.
ü US Air Force fighter support for both aircraft.
ü One battalion of Secret service agents travelling with the President.
ü One battalion of Secret Service “Advance team” already in Norway.
ü One platoon of State Department’s Special protection Detail.
ü Accommodations for a battalion of the Press Corps.
ü Various Air Force transport planes to carry the limousines and Presidential detail vehicles.
There are other people out there in the world that are more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than Barrack Hussein Obama.
Perhaps the President should grab everything that he can while he’s still in office. Because when his term is over—-he’s gone.
[ Anybody keeping an eye on the Whitehouse towels and linens? ]
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Iran teaching Ten year old Suicide Bombers

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Islam represents a Clear and Present danger to America  

It’s disconcerting to watch the disenfranchisement of Britain’s parliamentary laws-by violence prone Islamists that are taking over England. Massive riots, rebellious protests, and ever-increasing violence by hostile radical Muslims have rocked England’s ability to maintain control of an untenable position. YouTube is flooded with disturbing videos of Muslims taking to the streets candidly denouncing England’s policies and declaring the flag of Islam will one day fly on every flagpole in that country. Muslim activists are announcing that Sharia Law, a 5th century form of tyranny, will become the standard in the coming years. 

 Each protest becomes increasingly louder, and increasingly more violent. Burning cars, vandalized buildings, and rock throwing Islamists dominate the news reports flowing out of the country. A situation that is rapidly spreading onto America’s shores. A concern that mainstream American media is afraid to report, or pusillanimous in their pathetic approach. 

 Currently there are several groups within the United States that are vigorously trying to spread the word of Islam’s infiltration into our lives. The inherently dangerous result of Sharia Law, if allowed to develop in the US-is being blatantly ignored by nearly every well know news media. A situation that reeks of  spineless political correctness, an all too common approach by pathetic member of the press that routinely depict Palestinian terrorists as victims, and fail to report of the casualties of Israeli civilians-at the hands of Gazian’s launching rockets and missiles into Israeli cities. 


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Escapee from Islamic Sharia Dr. Wafa Sultan