Swat Raid Kills Woman 26, injures 1 year old son.

Tarika Wilson

The Militarization of local Police Departments

The militarization of Local Police Departments

January 4, 2008—OH

While executing a “high risk” search warrant, Lima, Ohio, Sgt. Joseph Chavalia shot and killed Tarika Wilson, 26, and injured her one-year-old son.
Tarika’s boyfriend, Anthony Terry, was arrested and charged with suspicion of possession of crack cocaine. Subsequently, Sgt. Chavalia was charged with negligent homicide in the Wilson’s death and charged with negligent assault in the wounding of her son, Sincere, whose finger had to be amputated. On August 4, 2008, Chavalia was acquitted of all charges.
Kathryn Johnston

November 21, 2006—GA

Acting on a tip from a confidential informant, police conduct a no-knock raid on the home of 88 year old Kathryn Johnston.
Johnston, described by neighbors as feeble and afraid to open her door at night, opens fire on officers as they burst into her home. Three of the officers are wounded before Johnston is shot and killed.
Relatives say that Johnston lived alone, and legally owned a gun because she was fearful of intruders. She lived in the home for 17 years. Police claim that they find a small amount of marijuana in Johnston’s home, but none of the cocaine, computers, money, or equipment described in the affidavit that was used to obtain a warrant.
There are now allegations of a police cover-up.
Michael Meluzzi

July 8, 2005—FL

In July 2005, a Sarasota, Florida SWAT team conducts a drug raid on a home where several children are playing in the front yard.
The SWAT team descends from a van, deploys flash bang grenades, then swarms the home. 44-year-old Michael Meluzzi, who had a criminal record, begins to flee as he sees the armed agents exit the van. Police chase Meluzzi down and fire a Taser gun at him, partially hitting him.
According to Officer Alan Devaney, Meluzzi then reached into his waistband, leading Devaney to believe he was armed. Devaney opened fire, killing Meluzzi.
Police would find no weapon on or near Meluzzi’s body.

These tactics can no longer be allowed in American society. The militarization of local police forces stands against every tenet of “To protect and Serve”, something that has been lost in the transition.

How many innocent Americans will be killed before police departments are held accountable for these criminal raids of private homes–sometimes the wrong homes.

SWAT raids are nothing less than organized and legal murder with little oversight or accountability by the people in charge.

What’s the solution?

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