A Message To Young Patriots

Greeting From A Fellow Patriot,

Throughout my existence, it has always been uppermost within the furthest reaches of my mind that certain civil liberties were endeavored to be trampled upon by seditionists within the fabric of Ameri-can society. A group of individuals and corporate entities that covertly sought to dismantle the foundation of all that this nation was built upon. To trample upon the sacred constitution that which laid waste and bare the lives of so many of our brethren, to wit the sacrifice of those that gave their everything and all—to a cause much greater than themselves.

From the Lexington Green to our present battles in the Mideast territories, patriots of America entered into harms way with unparallel thought of self; yet unselfishly giving all that they espouse upon their own declaration of freedom against imperial adventurism at the hand of totalitarians that seek to bring down this nation and its way of life.

Our lives have been untouched for over 200 years, insofar as would be categorized as internal strife and revolutionary acts of guerilla warfare. Yet, there exists within this great reclamation of our con-stitutional rights, a certain rogue ideology that further enumerates that warfare is required in order to secure and solidify the principals upon the United States Constitution. An exodus from the realties that brought Americans out from under the yoke and leash of British imperial servitude. A journey into the violence filled world of war within our own borders—Americans against Americans.

I submit that revolution is both a right, and a sacred duty to every American that resides within our borders. Consequently I submit that a revolution would change the face of America and it’s zealous political agenda—but at a steep cost that far exceeds what America’s forefathers could have envisioned during their struggles. I submit that our society, our world, and our country has evolved from those days of muskets and bayonet charges, into a militaristic society that embarks upon wholesale destruction of life without pause or regard for the long-term ramifications thereof. Our nation’s moth-ers have wept and despaired for far to long upon this revolutionary principal.

With utter dismay I have witnessed the obsessive nature of a giant beast arising from the snake pit in our nation’s capitol. A pit of vipers brandishing forked-tongues that deceive the populace with their charm and pompous polished ideologies. This awakening beast feeds upon it’s own unchecked growth, hoping to claim as it’s own, the very lives and souls of its countrymen. But absent from the moral-istic fiber that so intertwines the society of America. Instead, this beast reaches out with it’s many tentacles to wrap itself among the lives of those it swore to serve and protect, and failing to do so, em-barks upon a devious glorification of itself, and seeks to shield and insulated itself from the wrath of those that are cognizant of it’s miserable failings.

I have stood on the sidelines for a great portion of my adult life, watching across the vast horizons for a sign that would bring this epic struggle onto my doorway. At times I would learn or recognize that certain events could be the precursor of that which many so feared, and others desired. The second revolution that topples the pretentious undermining vermin working against America’s founding prin-cipals.

I hear the rumblings of discontent from all walks of life, from nearly every sector, and all speak the same language of distain and malice against the beast arisen. Even then, there are many within, that actively seek to justify a war by weakening the beast through a persisted attack against the system so despised by so many. A war that they claim is both justified and victory capable within our grasp—that we must be the propagators that fire the first angry shot—thereby creating the perfect conditions conducive to further propagation that ushers in a second revolutionary war.

My friends and patriots—that is not the way, at the present time. Do not clamor for war—for the price might very well be your own children and kin’s blood that you offer. Say nothing of your own blood and lives; for a blood debt will be owed by all that tread too quickly and foolishly into this foray. Now is not the time for revolutionary acts that pit each against the other. The time for that must not be on our hands, nor will it be upon our blood. Leave that blood debt to the cronies of the beast—let them taste their own blood first.

A new war must be undertaken—a new methodology that battles from within the beast usurper. We must tear off the mask of anonymity from those hide from our wrath and piety. No more can these petty administrators be allowed to seek or hold elected positions within our political machine. They must be purged as a bad rash must be purged from an infants derriere. These socialist insects must be identified and brought into the light of public opinion—then banished from public servitude forever. America needs not another war, for we have always been at war throughout our history, as our cemeteries will so attest. We must first fight this coming battle with our political weapons—our combined and unified voices that thunder and echo across the plains of America.

Voices that shake the very steps of the national capitol, causing those inside to gaze furtively through its many windows in fear of what builds upon the streets of America.

That is true rebellion, that is true revolutionary tactics—and the cost isn’t forthwith as steep as Americans killing other Americans. I submit that our course must be as such. That we must restrain our an-gered rage, before it commits us onto the path of blood-letting and violence. For that must not be allowed to happen unless there is no other choice, until the choice is taken from us, and until the beast rises up in violence against humanity. Only then can we tread upon this path with God’s justification and mankind’s sympathies—for anything less than that would be anarchy that leads to our own doom.

Teach not angered retaliation to your children and their children—abstain from harboring mal-content hatred for a unjust system, when the unjustness lays upon the foreheads of those responsible for the beast’s awakening—for the beast’s appetite for power and wealth far re-moves itself from the eyes of God, and foolishly believes itself above God’s wrath and judg-ment.

Sharpen your wits as you would sharpen your battle knives. Razor sharp minds incorporated and united among the far-flung brethren of our cause will damage more than ten thousands knives in a single stroke. For the beast fears not our knives; yet it shuns and hides within its own hypocrisies against the rushing tide of disenfranchised angry voices.

Lest you forget; maintain your readiness both intrinsically and extrinsically. Keep company with those that have crossed the lines of illusionary propaganda to arise in defiance of the beast’s agenda. Shake hands upon the altar of kinship among the brethren that fly the flag of glory in the face of these adversities—for that is what the beast utterly fears and despises, thus make itself weak.

For who among us would be named less than a true patriot, if by action and singularity of mind—he so challenged the beast’s growing blood lust with not a clenched fist—but an open hand that points a shameful accusing finger–calling out the beast’s in its reproachful appe-tite; admonishing those tentacles that sought to appease their own greedy hunger at the cost of our enslavement and subjugation thereof. None; none upon the face of this earth can lay fault or blame at the feet of those that undertake to sheath their knives in the name of ad-dress and grievances, for that is the way the beast can be dismantled in its entirely without obliging the debt of blood inherent. Let us seek a remedy such as this, instead of killing the sons and daughters of America in order to propagate further political discord—for anything other than that feeds the sustenance of the beast, and nourishes its insatiable hunger ever-more. This we cannot more so allow.

Hold close to you heart the innocence of your youth, and clench your fist upon the hilt of your battle knives—but release them for the moment to ponder a world rife with the foul stench of blood spilled at our hands—a stench arising from the slaughtered children of our brethren and kinsmen.

In conclusion; I offer this as a means to an end. That the scales and balance of justice weigh our actions in the coming years. That our cause remain both vigilant and deliberate, and that our actions be honorable and steadfast in the face of this epic struggle for our national identity. I pray that our action exemplify those of America’s forefathers in their struggle against the beast arisen—and that our resul-tant struggles bequeath our children’s children a country basking in the light of democracy and freedom, and a nation of citizens that love their country and fear not their government as we do this day.

Franke Schein—Anchorage, Alaska


Palestine: Finish the job once and for all



Palestine: Finish the job once and for all

Germany, Vietnam, North Korea, Somalia, and the Gulf War-all of these have one thing in common: The job wasn’t finished like it was supposed to be.

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf and General George Patton-both wanted to pursue the enemy back to their lairs, but as usual, politics in America stopped them cold. Former President Clinton pulled American troops out of Somalia, and now the worlds maritime traffic is under siege by Somali pirates, as well as the rising tide of Islamic scourge inside the country.

The object of modern warfare is to deny the enemy strategic territory, disrupt supply, communications and logistical routes, isolate the enemies reserve capacity, identify and locate the enemy’s leadership infrastructure {Take them out of the picture!}-and destroy the enemy forces resolve and ability to continue waging war.

That is the very essence of warfare, and it is accomplished by sudden unannounced actions against enemy strong points, as well as strategic symbols of the enemies power base. A tactic that has historically proven itself time after time.

The ongoing problems with Palestinian terrorist have been escalating every year. Hamas and Hezbollah are at the forefront of repeated terror attacks against Israeli citizens, while Iran quietly works behind the scene supplying these groups with advance weapons, explosives, and rockets. Something that the Obama worshipping enemedia haven’t reported  on America State run news centers.

Massive Arms Shipment Intended for Hezbollah Intercepted by Israel Navy


December 2003 – January 2004 – The Iranian Revolutionary Guard directed an aerial convoy to transfer weapons and supplies to Hezbollah via Syria. The aerial convoys were disguised as humanitarian aid intended for casualties of an earthquake in Bam, a city in southern Iran. The Iranians took advantage of the open airspace by trying to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah while humanitarian aid flights were landing in Iran from all over the world.

May 2007 – An Iranian train carrying arms (mortar shells, light arms, rocket launchers and ammunition) was uncovered in Turkey. The arms were intended for Hezbollah. The Iranians attempted to conceal and disguise the arms in order to avoid suspicion by the Turkish authorities.

January 2009 – An arms shipment sent by Iran was intercepted and seized in Cyprus after it was found on the Cypriot vessel Monchegorsk which had been leased by the Iranian Irisl shipping company. The Cargo was found to include tank, artillery and mortar shells as well as materials to be used for producing rockets.

Source: http://idfspokesperson.com/2009/11/04/500-tons-of-weapons-for-hezbollah-intercepted-by-israeli-navy-4-nov-2009/

In America there are rouge elements of traitors that openly side with the Palestinian thugs. Misbegotten useful idiots that have been brainwashed by Islamic Jihadists setting up camps on American University campuses. People like Rachel Corrie that rushed to become human shields, while Hamas terrorists stood in the shadows with their cameras-directing the events that would eventually get her killed.

Israel is America’s strongest ally in the Mideast. Without the Jewish State of Israel having a dominant  and nuclear capable presence amid the chaos of third world Islamic fundamentalism, the entire world would be at risk from these foul vermin that slither across Israel’s borders attempting to dole out anarchism and bedlam.

No matter what the misbegotten American dysgenic useful idiots say, their slathering condescension for human rights isn’t forgotten by true Americans. Somebody somewhere, will remember their staged socialist agenda and reproachful protest that advocate the slaughter of innocent people. The checkbook of life must be balanced, and the University administrators that allow these activities to continue, already have a checkmark beside their names. There is a growing number of groups that are keeping a watchful eyes of Americas academia, and those that stand at the front of the classrooms.

Without question, there are many Americans that would stand with Israel during the next struggle. Men and women from every state within America’s borders would be willing to board a plane and stand shoulder to shoulder with IDF soldiers. Americans that have awakened from the mass conditioning by the leftists socialist media that hide behind their computers spewing their own “University Educated” diatribe against Israel and its supporters in the US.

Much like the rising creep of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the creeping ascension of hatred must be recognized for the nature of what it represents to everyone on the globe-an asymmetrical war that is being waged on several fronts, and the ominous threat against Israel, America, and every western nation upon the globe.

More reading about this volatile issue:

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Iran teaching Ten year old Suicide Bombers

Franke Schein

Franke Schein’s FaceBook page



Islam represents a Clear and Present danger to America  

It’s disconcerting to watch the disenfranchisement of Britain’s parliamentary laws-by violence prone Islamists that are taking over England. Massive riots, rebellious protests, and ever-increasing violence by hostile radical Muslims have rocked England’s ability to maintain control of an untenable position. YouTube is flooded with disturbing videos of Muslims taking to the streets candidly denouncing England’s policies and declaring the flag of Islam will one day fly on every flagpole in that country. Muslim activists are announcing that Sharia Law, a 5th century form of tyranny, will become the standard in the coming years. 

 Each protest becomes increasingly louder, and increasingly more violent. Burning cars, vandalized buildings, and rock throwing Islamists dominate the news reports flowing out of the country. A situation that is rapidly spreading onto America’s shores. A concern that mainstream American media is afraid to report, or pusillanimous in their pathetic approach. 

 Currently there are several groups within the United States that are vigorously trying to spread the word of Islam’s infiltration into our lives. The inherently dangerous result of Sharia Law, if allowed to develop in the US-is being blatantly ignored by nearly every well know news media. A situation that reeks of  spineless political correctness, an all too common approach by pathetic member of the press that routinely depict Palestinian terrorists as victims, and fail to report of the casualties of Israeli civilians-at the hands of Gazian’s launching rockets and missiles into Israeli cities. 


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Muslim’s building Islamic military training camps in America

The Buffalo Six



Muslim’s building Islamic military training camps in America 

The spread of Islamic enclaves across the globe has landed in America with a vengeance.
There are known to be 19 Islamist camps spread out across the US. Additionally, there are over 1,000 Mosques-some of whom have been at the forefront of radicalizing their followers, as was the case of the Fort Hood shooter.
One of the better known “camps” is located in Buffalo New York. Coincidentally, it describes as a “Boy Scout Camp” by it’s owners. Local residents of the area have complained to the city council about the camp’s activities
 “I have sources – inside sources. These people at Best are armed and dangerous. They are doing paramilitary training there.”
–Buffalo Common Council Member Charley Fisher
Google Earth and Google Interactive Maps has some startling pictures of the camp.
485 Best Street, Buffalo, NY (HERE)
Even more important, are the emerging details of “Military” training that is alleged to be occurring within the walls of the camp. [ For more details and pictures click Here )
“There are a total of 19 similar camps in 19 US states, that we know of. Many are called ‘boy scout camps’, but I’ve never know boy scouts who learn how to use automatic weapons, who need armed security around their camps, who dress in full Muslim attire … with connections to Pakistan “
On his website; (Here)  “His Eminence Sultan Muhyuddin Sheikh Syed Mubarik ‘Ali Gilani” attempts to refute nearly every allegation against him. The use of certain words, such as “Zionist “and “Vested Interest” denote an all too familiar denunciation of the Jewish State of Israel.
Various Islamic foundations have roots in American cities. The list below denotes only a small portion, as there are a plethora of other foundations and groups that have established themselves within American universities and other areas. All of whom openly condemn Israel, often times calling for the annihilation of all Jewish people-and the conversion of democracy to one of Islamic Sharia law.
To Read the full article please click HERE
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Escapee from Islamic Sharia Dr. Wafa Sultan