Startling Facts About Survivalists: You Are Going To Die!

Franke Schein - Alaska Survivalist

Having been involved in survivalism for the last thirty years; I can honestly say without any trepidation that a vast majority of survivalist are not ready to meet the challenges of disaster preparedness in 2012, or beyond. I can say this with complete truthfulness based on both the time I have been involved in this field, and the thousands upon thousands of people, articles, and videos that I have experienced over the years.

That is not to say that all survivalist aren’t ready, just a large percentage of those that I have encountered.

Financial Abilities:  Though many claim to be preparing for SHTF, the fact remains that our economy sucks; and therefore not many families can allocate a portion of their income towards Long Term food supplies, or emergency gear.


Lack Of Planning: Sadly this is the most abused element when it comes to survival planning. The lack of reality based survival planning will lead many people to their doom. There is absolutely no way that anyone can head to hills with a jar of peanut butter, and then try to feed his family by living off the land. It might work for awhile, but it won’t work for ever. Guarantee they will die. These types of people also fall into the “Lonewolf Survivalist” category-They almost go hand-in-hand.


Lack Of Resources: Not having the requisite food and water supply will at some point force the ill-prepared survivalist out into the open. Let’s face the very simple facts; if one heads out into the woods without enough food or water, their time is limited, and they must at some point return to civilization in order to resupply themselves. Simple things such as toilet paper, water filters, antibiotics, powdered milks, and other necessary and life-saving items cannot be built, manufactured, or harvested from the wilds of nature.

I’ve spent months and months in the Arizona and Texas deserts. Water is out there, but knowing where to look, and how to purify it is another matter altogether. Coupled with the simple fact that everybody else will also be looking for water, creates an immediate danger to anyone skulking around out in the desert. Waterholes and wells will be highly defended by well armed survival groups.

I’ve travelled the deserts at night using the moonlight for navigation. Finding water at night is almost impossible. Rattle snakes like to curl up around the rocks near water. The rocks stay warm throughout the night, and the snakes love to keep warm, and then fill-up with life saving water in the early morning hours, before they slither away into their cool burrows to wait out the hot sun.

Let’s not forget about the drug cartels currently operating out in the desert either…


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