Pacific Ring Of Fire:


Franke Schein - Alaska Survivalist

Flash News: The Yellowstone Caldera has just erupted: you have 3 To 5-Hours before the ash clouds arrive.

  • All air traffic is grounded.
  • The transportation industry has just came to screeching halt.
  • Major manufacturers have temporarily shut-down their operations.
  • Retail stores across the country begin sending their workers home.
  • Small business owners close their doors—some forever.
  • The State National Guard has been activated to protect critical infrastructure.
  • FEMA declares an impending national emergency.
  • Utility companies slowly begin to shut down the grid to “Non-Essential” customer, or face loosing transformers.
  • Cell-Phone Service providers and wireless carriers temporarily shut down their towers.
  • All Fire Fighters, Police officers, EMT’s, and First Responders are called-in for extended operations.
  • Grocery Stores and Super-Markets are immediately flooded with throngs of panic-buyers. The shelves are emptied.
  • Schools and Universities send students home, and lock the doors.
  • Surplus and Outdoors Stores sell out of survival food and gas masks.
  • Gas Stations do a record business as generator fuel is snapped-up by panicked buyers–Fuel Tanks are drained.
  • Fearing collapse; Banks limit the amount their customers can withdraw—Long lines outside of each banking center.
  • Hardware stores do record business—then immediately close their doors.
  • Ammunition prices triples as stocks dwindle and then disappear altogether.


1-Hour Before The Ash Clouds Arrive:

  • The Governor orders all non-essential agencies and departments to shut down.
  • Financial Systems suspend trading, worldwide stocks plunge.
  • Banks and ATM’s are shutdown.
  • Water and Sewage companies are forced to shut-down their system in an effort to protect the pumps.

Read The Full Articel Below:

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