Synopsis: A domestic terrorist group with ties to a radical anarchistic organization has just detonated a series of chemical laden explosive devices during rush-hour traffic in Saint Louis.

Hundreds are dead, and several hundreds more have been injured. The chemical substance is later determined to be a home-made ricin based compound. Within a matter of a few hours, thousands of Saint Louis’s population begin showing the first symptoms of Ricin Poisoning. Within three days, every hospital in the region is crammed with the sick and dying.

  • The Governor of Missouri declares a State of Emergency.
  • A State of Martial law is declared, as Citizen Soldiers are summoned to their respective armories.
  • Missouri National Guard troops quickly close all bridges and roadways leading out of the state.
  • Local Law Enforcement Agencies, being supported by federal investigative agencies, and units of the State Guard conduct unprecedented sweeps through Saint Louis neighborhoods.
  • Lawlessness erupts as citizens refuse to surrender their rights of firearms ownership. Gun battles rage across the state.
  • Federal Troops are rushed to the affected areas.


It’s been one week since the deadly attacks. Curfew has been established, and only those with authorization are allowed to travel during the hours of darkness. Firearms have been declared illegal; citizens are instructed to deposit their weapons at the nearest police station. They are told not to approach police or military services carrying their weapons.

Federal troops, along with Missouri Guard troops have closed-off all routes leading into and out of the state. Everyone is searched for weapons, explosives, and contraband. Police conduct ID-Checks on everyone stopped.

Federal Security Contractors deploy into neighborhoods conducting warrantless searches, identifying each household member confronted, and arresting those that refuse to comply with demands.

Scenario Assessment #1:

During the deadly attacks, you and your family immediately activated your Family Emergency Plan. A Safe Room was quickly set-up in the upstairs bedroom. Essential survival supplies cluttered the room. Each member of your family donned their protective suits and mask, and stayed-glued to the breaking news reports.

Your neighborhoods is one of the last areas to be searched.

A loud-speaker blares through the evening skies instructing you and your family to come out of your home, and sit quietly on the sidewalk.

Military helicopters range overhead, their spotlights illuminating the streets. You see several squads of heavily armed police officers, and several platoons of military troops approaching your area. Gunfire rips through the night as troops and resisters battle it out.

Scenario Assessment #2:

Immediately after the deadly attacks, you call your family members on their cell-phones; activating your well-laid Bug Out Plans.

Your wife rushes to the day-care center and picks up your child, while you grab the teenage daughter and head for the Rally Point four miles away near the Mississippi river.

Your wife’s car comes creaming into the parking lot. You rush to help her transfer her gear and the kid into your Ford Expedition. The kids are terrified. All around you, the screaming of sirens, blaring horns, and the sounds of helicopters can be heard. It sounds like The End Of The World. You abandon the wife’s car and quickly leave the parking lot.

Two hours later you begin to relax a little. You and your family are almost safe. In less than sixty miles you will arrive at your best friend’s house. The Expedition’s headlights illuminate a pair of military Hum-Vee positioned across the roadway. Several Sheriff’s Deputies and local Guardsmen are seen waving you forward.

The Hum-Vee nearest you is being manned by a soldier armed with a M-249 SAW automatic weapon. You have five seconds to decide what to do.

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