THREAT SCENARIO: Medical Pandemic


One of the more prevalent threat scenarios that we face these days are the threats of a major medical pandemic that affects the entire country.

Considering the many foreign (Mid-Eastern) scientists that are in the employ of North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia; it shouldn’t come as a surprise if these nefarious denizens of hatred were to unleash a biological virus against America, or its interests abroad.

The fabled Center For Disease Control (CDC) is unable to cope with even minor-localized outbreaks of infections—one could not hope to have any quick reactionary assistance or control apparatuses in-place, if an attack were launched simultaneously in different areas of the country.

Lets examine this a little closer:

The Spanish Flu struck the world between 1918 to 1919: It was first identified in Kansas in March 1918. Six months later it became a world-wide epidemic which killed 500-Million people. Some estimates put the dead at twice that number. In the United States, 675,000 people perished due to this virus.

The virus was recently reconstructed by exhuming the remains of dead victims found in Alaska’s permafrost. What’s uncanny about this virus; the recent and much published H1N1 virus has a core structure that is similar to The Spanish Flu. The first strains of the Spanish Flu appeared in Camp Funston Kansas—a military base. The Flu decimated the American Expeditionary Force that was preparing to head to Europe in World War-1. It delayed the American forces for several months, and reduced their mobility and unit strength  factors by half. That’s why the US was late in getting into World War One.

Between 1957 to 1958 the Asian Flu killed-off another 70,000 Americans, and over two million deaths globally.

The "Hong Kong Flu" (H3N2) of 1968–1969 Killed about 34,000 people in the United States. A million more people around the globe died as a result of this Flu. The virus is still in circulation today.

Tuberculosis is still a rampant disease which has claimed on-third of the world’s population at a rate of one new infection per second. 8-Million people have the disease—and two million of them will die. During the 20th century this disease has killed well over 100-million people; and it continues to claim more lives every second of every day.

Currently there are other more violent diseases out there: Hemorrhagic fever such as Ebola have the capacity to rapidly spread through a population. In the event of a massive infection rate among America’s population. The CDC and FEMA would be forced to “vector” the contagious area by guaranteeing the victims. That means you die in your own home—cut off from the outside world. Imagine this scenario on a national scale. The CDC and FEMA can’t even get first aid supplies o Hurricane Katrina victims—imagine what would happen during a major virus outbreak.


It’s a very well documented and published fact that record numbers of Russian, Pakistani, Turkish, and Afghani scientists are working for the Axis of Evil in the medical-weapons research fields. It wouldn’t be all that difficult to introduce a Spanish Flu  (type) virus that is even more resistant to antibiotics—thus lengthening the time that it would take the CDC to manufacture an antibiotic-cure.

To date the H5N1 Avian Flu has spread across Europe at an alarming rate. Already 60 people have died of this virus which got its origins from an American Laboratory in October 2004 when 3,700 “test Kits” were accidentally sent around the world. This virus is the original strain of the 1957 Avian Flu virus.


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