Casting Call: Survivalists Wanted

Casting Call For Survivalists

Casting Call For Survivalists

Major national television production is looking for Survivalists, Preppers, and individuals actively preparing for the 2012 End Of The World phenomenon. If chosen, you will be featured on a national syndicated television show that reaches millions of viewers.

If you are a survivalist; then this is your chance to help spread the message that emergency preparations
mean more than getting ready for 2012. It also means preparing for weather events, local and national crisis, as well as disasters that affect local economies.

Respond by sending email HERE:

( URL: )
Please include a brief bio, picture, and explain what you think may happen during the 2012 events, and what you are doing to get ready. This show will feature “A Day In The Life” kind of episode. It’s not about sensationalism–but rather about showing the true survivalists out there that are serious about survival planning.

3 thoughts on “Casting Call: Survivalists Wanted

  1. I believe you and I am stuck in Kissimmee FL. I do not see my family surviving. I am preparing the only way I know how and that is to accept death.To watch each one go and myself. They say my home will be under 500 feet of water.

    There is no money for to leave or sell our home. So I have gathered some foods and herbs for medicine. But I do not see our family will last past the first 30 days. God Bless you and Good Luck.

    Anne Hougaard


  2. I was told my name was on your website. I see that it is and this is not my email but it is my name. Please remove this post.


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