The Sleeping Russian Bear Awakens:

The Threats Against America

Russia has become alarmingly active in the last few years, at least ever since Putin took office. His domestic and foreign policies are chilling when one analyses them from outside the spectrum Of Perestroika as we have been lead to believe.

What is frightening is the simple fact that very few, if any, of the media giants in America are reporting these stories-at least without adding some biased commentary that assures us that everything will be alright.

 Since Putin came into power, his policies have been very aggressive in nature. A certain aggressiveness that is directed wholly and fundamentally at the United States.

 For example, in 1999 Reuters published a headline: “Russian Premier Vows to rebuild Military Might.”

Putin delivers a speech declaring that “ the government has undertaken to rebuild and strengthen the military might of the state to respond to the new geopolitical realities, both external and internal threats.”

 Putin then expounded on the fact that the alleged threats originated in Russia southern frontiers, and also announced a 57 percent increase in military spending

 He was quoted saying: “Our country Russia was a great, powerful, strong state, and it is clear that this is not possible if we do not have a strong armed forces, powerful armed forces.”

 In January Putin ordered the largest maneuver of Russian nuclear forces in twenty years, scrambling strategic bombers, launching cruise missiles, test-firing ballistic missiles, and sending new spy satellites into orbit, in what was being called  “an imitation of a nuclear attack on the United States.”  These aggressive overtures should make Americas leadership sit up a little straighter and take notice of the quintessential  threats facing our country by this rogue militaristic madmen that controls a nuclear armed regime.

 I have watched with growing concern the ever increasing policies flowing out of Moscow. Policies that flagrantly thumb the collective soviet noses at America—and appear to be a direct intervention into the ‘somewhat” peaceful arena surrounding the  American-Soviet era of cooperation and peace.

 I am of the opinion that Russia is preparing its forces, drawing the proverbial “line in the sand”; and gathering unto itself those countries that are hostile to American interests abroad. Adding to this alarming trend is the well documented fact that Putin is going out of his way to equip, train, and provide arms to rogue Islamic nations such as Iran, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, and other countries that have an openly hostile view of America—should tell everyone in our nation’s capitol that something is going on inside of the Soviet Union.

 Russia’s biggest military threats

“Despite the decrease in the possibility of unleashing a large-scale aggression using conventional arms and nuclear weapons against the Russian Federation, military threats to the Russian Federation have increased in a number of areas,” reads the document.

 According to the new doctrine, Russia views the expansion of NATO as a primary threat to its security, as well as part of a tendency to give NATO global security functions.

 Another threat mentioned is the deployment of the strategic missile defense system that undermines international stability and violates the established balance of forces, arms deployment in space and the creation of new high-precision conventional weapons are also listed as threats in the doctrine.”

“First of all, we never know how the world will look like in 10 years. Secondly, even now there are several states that claim part of Russia’s territory to be their national territory – for instance, Japan. Also, the border hasn’t been demarked with some of Russia’s neighbors, so we cannot exclude that some international alliance [ Read American and Coalition Forces ] can use armed forces against Russia and it will have to defend itself.”

Russia’s possible response

The new doctrine stipulates Russia’s right to use its armed forces beyond its borders “for the purpose of the protection of the interests of the Russian Federation and its citizens, as well as the maintenance of international peace and security.”

One of the more frightening scenarios that comes to my mind is the Russian-Chinese alliance. I am firm in my believe that this alliance serves “no other purpose” than as a geopolitical move that hinges on the upcoming crisis that involves Taiwan—as US protected ally.

 For years China has been warning America that if the US Military intervenes in the China-Taiwan  reunification process—there would be severe consequences. A move that I believe will involve the Soviet military machine as well.

 Consider this scenario:

China launches a preemptive missile strike at Taiwan defense shield, while simultaneously invading the Island with Marine forces and para-troop units.  America has a vested interest in Taiwan, and would once again send the US Navy into the region.

Russia could then realistically send her troops to provide” a security balance” in the region, thereby assuring that America cannot interfere with the Chinese conquest of Taiwan—or risk facing a thermonuclear war on two fronts.

 It’s the old shell game, but played with conventional and nuclear weapons…


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