Alaskan homeowner beats up burglar

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — A Fairbanks man who attempted to burglarize a home and was instead beaten up by the homeowner has entered into a plea agreement.

Wesley Scott Cruikshank, 21, pleaded guilty Wednesday to one reduced count of second-degree felony burglary. In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped felony charges of robbery and assault.

Cruikshank, of Fairbanks, and 19-year-old Benjamin Anthony Valles, of North Pole, were arrested in November after they broke into a Craig Street home and got into a scuffle with the residents.

Valles reportedly pointed a gun at one of the residents and demanded money. The gun was later discovered to be a BB gun.

When police arrived, Cruikshank and Valles were being restrained on the floor. Cruikshank was treated and released at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for minor injuries.

Valles, who appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance at the time of his arrest, told police that he and Cruikshank went to the home to steal four marijuana plants someone told them were being kept there, according to court records. Fairbanks police smelled marijuana in the home but did not locate any plants.

Cruikshank, who has no prior criminal record, is to be sentenced July 23. He faces up to two years in prison and could receive a largely suspended sentence.

Valles, who has no other criminal record, pleaded guilty last month to second-degree burglary and received a sentence of four months to serve in state custody with an additional 20 months of his sentence suspended.



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