Fake American Patriots

Photo: Franke Schein



AMERICAN PATRIOT; a name that inherently denotes a love for America, it’s Constitution, and a deep understand of the things that set America apart from the rest of the world. There are far too many people that call themselves American Patriots, yet they are anything but a patriot. If they are anything at all, it would be Un-American, Anti-American, and/or a Racist American.
For example, I get hate mail from readers that call themselves patriots, when in fact they are members of a White Power group, or ascribe to the Jew hatred prevalent in that segment of society that lives on the shadowy fringes of America. The kind of people that proudly wave “Ol’ Glory” while calling for the extermination of Jews, Immigrants, Blacks, and white people that don’t agree with their foulness.
The kind of Americans[sic] that would murder minor children while they sleep, slit the throats of African-Americans, and create a climate of terror and anarchy that would put Hitler’s vermin to shame



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