American universities a breeding ground for socialist communists and terrorist 

The ascension for higher education is a fundamental characteristic in our society. To provide a better education for our children so that they may prosper within our society, becoming the leaders for future generations-represents the central role of a parent. However; while attending these very expensive centers of higher learning, our children are being indoctrinated with leftists, socials, communist, Marxists, and terrorist ideologies.
For example, a group calling itself “The Socialism Conference” that described themselves as “A new left for a new era” recently held a conference in Chicago and San Francisco. [ HEREThe New Statesman was created in 1913 with the aim of permeating the educated and influential classes with socialist ideas” ] Some of the key speakers that were featured include one particular anti-american radical John Pilger, whose clearly hostile idioms have been floating around the septic tank of cyberspace through various articles posted at The New Statesmen, a socialist newspaper that describes itself as ; “
John Pilger is a world-renowned journalist, author and documentary filmmaker, who began his career in 1958 in his homeland, Australia, before moving to London in the 1960s. His first film, The Quiet Mutiny, is credited with disclosing to a worldwide audience the internal disintegration of the US army in Vietnam.
 Thirty-six years and some 60 documentaries later, he is still making challenging films for ITV. His films have won Academy Awards in Britain and the United States. He has been a freelance writer since 1986, with his work appearing in newspapers such as the Guardian, the Independent, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The South China Morning Post, the Mail & Guardian (South Africa), the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age (Australia), Aftonbladet (Sweden), Morgenbladet (Norway) and Il Manifesto (Italy) and Socialist Worker (US)
“Iran’s crime is its independence. Having thrown out America’s favorite tyrant, Shah Reza Pahlavi, Iran remains the only resource-rich Muslim state beyond US control. As only Israel has a “right to exist” in the Middle East, the US goal is to cripple the Islamic Republic. This will allow Israel to divide and dominate the Middle East on Washington’s behalf, undeterred by a confident neighbor. If any country in the world has been handed urgent cause to develop a nuclear “deterrence”, it is Iran.”
“The suppression of the suffering of Britain’s and America’s colonial victims is an article of media faith, a tradition so ingrained that it requires no instructions.”
“The most obvious example is the bombing atrocities in London on 7 July 2005; no one in the British intelligence mandarinate doubts these were a gift from Blair. And yet “terrorism” describes only the few acts of individuals and groups, not the constant, industrial violence of great powers.”
“no one in the British intelligence mandarinate doubts these were a gift from Blair.” What Mr. Pilger is trying to convince everyone is that the people of London that were slaughtered in a terrorist act by radical islamists-were killed because they asked for it by simply being British.
In another quote from one of his articles: “As only Israel has a “right to exist” in the Middle East, the US goal is to cripple the Islamic Republic.” Pilger once again shows his contempt for Israel, and fails to mention the ever increasing terrorist attacks at the hands of Palestinian terrorist, and makes ideological assumptions that Iran’s Islamic Regime has the right to acquire nuclear weapons.
I applaud the fact that Mr. Pilger has the strength and impudence to stand up for what he believes in, but the fact that he is a socialist that  espouses  a totalitarian communist manifesto, and a person that denounced every action, every administration, and every foreign policy in America-while condemning Israel and their right to self defense, puts him in the same category as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and other criminal against humanity.

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