Israel geared up for war

Amid the increasing tensions of Iran’s pursuit for nuclear weapons, Israel’s Defense Forces recently conducted military training exercises.
“They said the main objective was to play out scenarios for the benefit of various think-tank units charged with anticipating operational dilemmas in the event of war or national emergency.”

“The second drill was held by the Paratroops Brigade in the north and simulated various combat scenarios against Syria and Hezbollah.”

Israel and its people have been under dire threat from radical Islamist terrorist throughout its history. According to several internal reports, Israel has been the target of 5,000 rocket attacks launched by Palestinian terrorist groups. The indiscriminate murder of Israelis at the hands of these butchers has dominated the very foundation of strife and conflicts in the on-going complexities therein.
Palestinian thugs, and their obsessive Anti-Israel counterparts in the United States have attempted to portray Israel as a War Mongering nation bent on enslaving the Gazian’s living in that area of the Mideast. But the truth is, that Israel has never launched rockets or missiles in the West Bank or Gaza strip, has never sneaked across the border and tossed hand grenades into Palestinian schools, nor has any Jewish citizen detonated a suicide vest inside of a Gaza café. A claim that the Palestinian’s cannot rebuke.
Time after time Israel has made concessions in an attempt to bring peace to its nation-and time after time, the Hamas terrorist groups have refused to even come to the bargaining table. It’s always the same old-same old with this militant group. A group that has exported terrorism around the world, slaughtering innocent people everywhere.
Recently Iran and Syria signed a defense cooperation pact. A move that is viewed by this writer as yet another indication of Iran’s clear and present danger to the security of Israel. [Read the article HERE]
On November 11th The Lebanese Secretary General announced his threats against Israel during a ceremony celebrating Martyr’s Day, a celebration of Ahmed Qassir, a suicide bomber that slaughtered 200 Israelis in 1982.  [Source:]
“ Nasrallah: We’ll Destroy Entire Zion Army “
“11/11/2009 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah declared on Wednesday that the battle with Israel next time would start from “beyond and beyong Haifa” instead of “Haifa and beyond Haifa,” emphasizing that the Resistance doesn’t seek war but is ready for any form of confrontation with the enemy.”
Israel has been Americas strongest and most trusted ally in the Mideast. President Obama shares the table with former President Jimmy Carter in their overt disrespect of Israel. A situation that creates serious and volatile consequences for every western nation in the world.
Hitler’s “Final Solution” has the potential to reemerge if Iran is allowed to continue its nuclear weapons program. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is lying to the world when he claims that he only seeks Nuclear powers for civilian purposes. Given half a chance, this despot of Iran would use nuclear weapons to both threaten Israel, and eventually destroy it. A situation that President Obama, and the rest of his cronnies should think about.

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