The difference between America, Israel and the Mideast

America, Israel, and the Mideast


The difference between  America, Israel and the Mideast


What is the difference between life in America, and life in Islamic countries?  


It’s pretty obvious that Americans enjoy many liberties that are not present in Islamic countries  

 ü  Right to vote  

ü  Right to free speech.  

ü  Right demonstrate in public.  

ü  Right to education.  

ü  Right to practice religion.  

ü  Right to dress how one choose.  

ü  Right to create music and art.  

ü  Right to disagree with the government or its policies.  

ü  The right to raise our children as we determine.  

ü  The right to travel anywhere in the USA.  

ü  The right to government assistance.  

ü  The right to a fair trial.  

ü  The right to have an attorney present during questioning.  

ü  The right to face those that accuse us of a crime.  

ü  The right to publish our thoughts or ideas.  

ü  The right to own a gun.  

America’s inner-wealth is equally as important as our rights:  

ü  Our supermarkets are always stocked with tons of food.  

ü  We can walk down the street without fear of suicide bombers killing us.  

ü  We have no religious Police beating us on the streets for listening to music, or dressing casual.  

ü  There are no secret police services that make American’s disappear from the face of the earth.  

ü  Our free-market systems brings bounty to every corner of the world.  

ü  Education is one of our national priorities.  

ü  Our streets are paved and lighted.  

ü  We don’t stage protests at the government’s request denouncing a country or it’s religion.  

ü  Our highways beat any dirt roads in the Mideast.  

ü  We don’t raise our kids to be suicide bombers or martyrs.  

ü  We don’t burn down Mosques or Synagogues in America.  

ü  We respect our neighbors rights to privacy.  

ü  We donate our hard earned cash to worthwhile causes.  

ü  We allow other religions to practice their faith in our country.  

ü  We allow immigrants from other countries to come live here.  

ü  Our farmers and ranchers are the backbone of the economy.  

ü  We send aid everywhere, even to countries that hate us.  

ü  We jail those that rape our women, not execute the women for reporting the rape.  

ü  Our judges are real judges, not religious fanatics.  

ü  We pray to be accept into heaven for living a good life, not for taking it.  

ü  We defeated Nazi Germany after they killed 8-million Jewish people.  

ü  We destroyed the Japanese imperial empire when they attacked us without provocation.  

ü  We conquered the fascists Italian dictator-his own people hung him afterwards.  

ü  America helped South Korea, when the communist North and China attacked them.  

ü  Our nation’s military forces have always fought for democracy and peace.  

ü  We don’t fire homemade missiles or rockets into Mexico or Canada.  

ü  America has never executed anyone for their religious beliefs.  

ü  In America we don’t sell our children.  

ü  We have no arranged marriages.  

ü  We don’t kill for the sake of family Honor.  

With all of the rights and freedoms that America provides, it amazes me that immigrants arriving at America’s shore condemn the very foundation of freedom and equality that they are provided with.  

Just stay in your own country if you hate America that much!  

I wouldn’t travel to Syria, or Yemen, or Saudi Arabia because I know that I wouldn’t be welcome there-nor would I be allowed to practice my own faith, or even write about it. Should I write disparaging things about the Saudi Government-I have no doubt in my mind that I would be “disappeared” to surface on some YouTube video having my head sawed off by some masked religious fanatics.  

Even more repulsive are the American people that have converted to Islam. They quickly forget that they live in America, and start revolting against the US Constitution, our way of life, and the cultural traditions that makes up America. If that how you really feel about the country of your birth-please do leave. Saudi Arabia or some other Islamic country will gladly accept you. Exercise your rights to leave!  

I read stories about how Muslims think that they are being singled out by the rest of America because of their faith. Well—try being an American FIRST, instead of trying to force other Americans to accept Islam as the only faith in the universe, and then threatening to kill them if they don’t convert.   

How about allowing non-Muslims to attend Islamic services, mingle with Muslims at gatherings, and treat them as people that believe in God, instead of calling them Kafirs and other racist names. Try being respectful and tolerant of other cultures and religions-and Muslims might have a chance in America.  

Ask yourself a very simple question: If Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion-then why are there very few Muslim’s standing up in public expressing utter outrage at the way Islamists are treating the rest of the world. Where is the condemnation of suicide bombers, the condemnation of honor killing, the condemnation of Jew Hatred, the condemnation against tyranny. Where—-show me? Sadly there isn’t any-except for a few very prolific and wise people-other Muslims that have shod the radical tendencies, and refuse to believe that their faith is being represented by radical terroristic scholars and cleric that call Islam to war at every opportunity. Where are the “Peaceful” Muslims when Daniel Pearl was taken hostage and beheaded in front of the world. How many American Muslims denounced this heinous act? How come I haven’t seen an Muslims pissed off that Islamic terrorist have launched 5000 (plus) rockets into Israeli cities? Where is the denunciation of Palestinian “Freedom Fighters” that sneak across the border and kill young children riding a bus to school, or toss hand grenades into a classroom. Where I ask-are the peaceful Muslims outcries in America when these events occurred?  

Allah means GOD. Is God such a difficult word to say, that even saying Jesus Son of God is blasphemous and subject to execution? This is a religion-one that condemns everything and anyone that doesn’t practice Islam.  

Throughout the years of cruising the internet doing research. I have never seen one single Christian website, or one Christian personal webpage-that shows a Christian holding a AK-47 rifle, or wearing a ski mask. Yet there are literally thousands of Muslims out there that have these types of pictures as their personal avatar. Coincidental? The symbol for Christianity is the Sun. The symbol for Islam is the Moon. A predilection of Light and Dark.  Another symbol of Christianity is the cross, whereas the symbol of Islam is the sword. Another coincidence?  

I have never in all of my life witnessed or heard of any Christian groups or churches taking to the streets calling for the annihilation of another faith or country. But we see these scenes played out on Al Jazeera television every day. –And Islam is supposed to represent peace, freedom and equality?  

Where’s the peace? I haven’t seen any peace in the Mideast since the day that I was born. Every country in the Mideast is embroiled in wars, border wars, religious wars, and terror wars. They make war on their neighbors, they make war on the world, they make war on other religions, and they make war on each other. Again, where is this fabled peace in the Mideast?  

Freedom? What freedom? I see no freedom in any of the Mideast countries. Muslims are hanged to death, stoned to death, shot to death, beat to death, lynched to death, burned to death, and beheaded by these so called “Freedoms in Islam.”  

Equality is also non-existent. How can a Muslim woman be equal in the eyes of others, when she is forced to cover every inch of her body with a robe, forced to accept other wives into her household, told that she cannot have a job, own a business, hold public office, or speak to other men. We treat cattle better than Muslim women are treated in Islamic countries. That’s equality-where? Show me equality!  

Read the full article (HERE)  



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