Muslim’s building Islamic military training camps in America

The Buffalo Six



Muslim’s building Islamic military training camps in America 

The spread of Islamic enclaves across the globe has landed in America with a vengeance.
There are known to be 19 Islamist camps spread out across the US. Additionally, there are over 1,000 Mosques-some of whom have been at the forefront of radicalizing their followers, as was the case of the Fort Hood shooter.
One of the better known “camps” is located in Buffalo New York. Coincidentally, it describes as a “Boy Scout Camp” by it’s owners. Local residents of the area have complained to the city council about the camp’s activities
 “I have sources – inside sources. These people at Best are armed and dangerous. They are doing paramilitary training there.”
–Buffalo Common Council Member Charley Fisher
Google Earth and Google Interactive Maps has some startling pictures of the camp.
485 Best Street, Buffalo, NY (HERE)
Even more important, are the emerging details of “Military” training that is alleged to be occurring within the walls of the camp. [ For more details and pictures click Here )
“There are a total of 19 similar camps in 19 US states, that we know of. Many are called ‘boy scout camps’, but I’ve never know boy scouts who learn how to use automatic weapons, who need armed security around their camps, who dress in full Muslim attire … with connections to Pakistan “
On his website; (Here)  “His Eminence Sultan Muhyuddin Sheikh Syed Mubarik ‘Ali Gilani” attempts to refute nearly every allegation against him. The use of certain words, such as “Zionist “and “Vested Interest” denote an all too familiar denunciation of the Jewish State of Israel.
Various Islamic foundations have roots in American cities. The list below denotes only a small portion, as there are a plethora of other foundations and groups that have established themselves within American universities and other areas. All of whom openly condemn Israel, often times calling for the annihilation of all Jewish people-and the conversion of democracy to one of Islamic Sharia law.
To Read the full article please click HERE
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