America’s Assimilation: The Muslim integration of American culture

The spreading Islamic influences across the globe have far reaching and alarming consequences for everyone, particularly those of Christian and Jewish faiths.

 Imagine living in a country whose government and laws are controlled by a council of Islamic clerics that impose Sharia Laws upon its citizen. A system of laws that deny basic human rights to everyone, and subjugate the rights of children and women at a level reminiscent of an 18th century world.

Imagine Living in A World That:

ü  Speaking out against the government, or it’s abuses will get you executed.

ü  Where rape is considered a normal and accepted practice.

ü  Arranged marriages are commonplace.

ü  Women are required to wear a Hijab in public.

ü  Women have no voting rights.

ü  Women cannot hold a job, or public office.

ü  Honor killing is expected.

ü  Religious freedom is denied.

ü  Arts and creativity are rejected or prohibited.

ü  All music except Religious music is prohibited.

ü  Christian Churches are burned down.

ü  Synagogues are burned down.

ü  Secret police services harshly punish its citizens.

ü  Religious police services patrol the streets.

ü  Public flogging is accepted.

ü  Beheading and amputations are normal.

ü  Public hanging occur monthly.

ü  State (Caliphate) television censors every channel.

ü  State (Caliphate) Radio stations play only religious songs.

ü  Prayer is held five times every day.

ü  Everything is owned by the State. (Caliphate)

ü  Martyrdom (self sacrifice) is taught to children in schools.

ü  Starbucks, Mc Donald, Burger King, and other fast food franchises are gone-overnight.

ü  Arabic becomes the primary language.

ü  Jews and Christians are despised and killed without recourse.

ü  Old Glory is replaced with the Crescent and Star flag of Islam.

ü  The Constitution is destroyed and made void.

ü  The National Anthem cannot be sung or recited.

ü  Mosques and minarets dominate the skylines.

ü  Prisons are jammed with thousands of political dissenters-many of whom are executed.

ü  Schools are operated by the State (Caliphate)

ü  Basic human rights do not exists anymore.

ü  11-year old girls are betrothed in marriage to 50 year old Men.

ü  Pedophile is a customary standard.



 Throughout recorded history, wherever Islam was allowed to flourish-the outcome was always the same. Border wars and domestic insurrection began within a year. Muslims that immigrated to non-Muslim countries, enjoying its wealth, prosperities, and freedoms-quickly instigated revolt and mayhem against the country and its people that permitted them into their democracies and lives.

 America has already been infiltrated by the Islamists that are quietly working behind the scenes to overthrow the American way of life. Universities have become breeding grounds for these Caliphate insurgents. Using the rights afforded to them under the protection of the US Constitution, they openly decry the credos  and principals of freedom, justice, and equality. University administrators, and Government agencies have allowed these infiltrators to assimilate their brand of religious ideologies into a democratic system that has endured since 1776. A system that empowers freewill, free thoughts, and affords everyone within its borders the opportunities not present in Islamic societies.


Christianity and Judaism have always been at the forefront of the Islamic regimes conquests. There is a world that intends to erase all other religions from the face of the earth. Islam’s conquest is at the root of the many problems and wars that exists in the world today

 The question becomes most evident: “What can the average American do to prevent the absorption of our culture and lives into a Islamic Caliphate” ?

 Openly renounce any policy that advances or promotes the continued  infiltration of American schools and Universities by Islamic groups and Foundations.

Activate your mind, and support those groups or websites who rebel against and defy policies that demand Americans. Christians, and other religious faiths-to be tolerant or accepting of Islam’s encroachment into American sovereignties

Send e-mail to university deans and administrators that bend their knee to radical Muslims groups setting up shop in American schools.

Raise your voice in anger at Government apologists that have usurped the very foundation of America’s rise from under tyrannical rule in 1776.

Alarming Video:  Muslim Demographics

This article is published under the protection of the US Constitutions’ 1st Amendment as guaranteed by the rights of Free Speech and equality. The views expressed herein are NOT of a racial nature, and represent my own political views.


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